Friday, June 4, 2010

4x4ing in the desert!

Yikes a scary picture to start out with. Don't you just love the double chin?
My Lonnie Loo-who getting bounced around in the back seat! When we went to Arizona the first tourist place Sean looked up was the hummer adventures. We decided to take out one of these guys...I can't think of the name like a mule or a Rhino. It was so much fun. The weather was hot and it had rained the week prior to us going so all the flowers were in bloom another month and it would only be cactus. It was so amazing because we had a guide in front of us and he would stop and tell us all about the terrain what you could eat and the history. I absolutely loved it!

My handsome chauffeur!

Isn't it just beautiful even though it seems so barren. If I could live anywhere I think I would pick Arizona's because of the lack of snow #1 and because of the heat, sun and cactus! I love them

Look at all the amazing flowers

When I look at this picture now I swear he is flipping me you all see that? Huh we didn't do anything to him either...well I guess Sean peed on

Ready set go!

That was me the whole trip smiling and holding on for dear life!

I love the water crossing best. I bet there is no water in another month.

Cacti are like everywhere....just like the spruce tree's lining the roads where I grew up. It was amazing. They are protected. You can get a permit and buy one and come and dig it up for your yard. We saw a guy hauling one out while we were there.

One of the variety of lizzards we saw!

We are hanging off the edge of this little mountain. Our guide went over to the next ridge to get this photo.

We also saw a rattle snake and got off our quads and vidoed him rattling at us it was awesome! Man after this rainy cold yucky canadian spring I wish I was back there right now!