Tuesday, September 28, 2010

FINALLY....my kitchen....sigh

Well I was waiting and waiting until every bit was perfect and it isn't happening anytime soon so here are the pictures! I love it! My Nephew Lawrence from Carefree Kitchens designed it and he did an amazing job! I am waiting on glass doors and lot of little area's to fix and the finish trim it is even going to get better than this if you can believe it! I don't have many of my pretty things out yet...still to much work going on in the house for them. It won't seem like home until I get all my treasures around me....hopefully soon.
We wanted an office type space in the kitchen for a computer for recipes and for the family to work in the kitchen. I LOVE IT!!!

Even room for my kitchen table. We are hoping to expand the house in the future and the table will move down into the now living room and we will build a front entry and a living room.
We never use the table now that we have the Island! We are loving that.

There are glass doors going onto the one open cupboard.

I am imagining Ooohhh's and aaahhh's

I love my bread cupboard. I can hide my bread and toaster in here.

Here it is my favorite part! Two ovens! I love it and have used it many times already!

This is my Professional Gas range. Do you see the dials on that puppy! I love it too! It cooks amazing! When you push a little button on the back a fan pop's out and slowly rises to vent out the fumes! It is amazing. We saw one in our rental house this summer and so we searched high and low until we could find one! I love it!

coming up!

fully up!

Here is the living room. It looks dark sorry, but I love the way the couches and everything fits in! It is actually a really sunny room! It still needs trim done and artwork up but it is coming.

TA-DA! My red washer and dryer that are amazing! Anyone that has these know what I mean. They are so much better than the old kind I can't believe it!!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Slowly but surely

Meet hairy! Can you see the hair on his legs? Just looking at him makes my skin crawl. Wandlers came over for a visit and we started talking spiders so I went to show them some of the giants that hang out on our front porch! Yuck. They are amazing to look at but it was HUGE!

We have been busy little beavers the last few weeks. The house is really coming together. I still need to take pictures of my AMazIng dream kitchen! I will go around today and post tomorrow. I have been busy unpacking and trying to clean things up so that we can live in the house. We have been trying to get things ready to start the downstairs so that our drywaller can begin work. The floor has sunk in the upstairs because they didn't use a good enough beam downstairs. So here is the beam that will fix all the problems. We are so blessed to have Sean's dad in our lives. He has everything and some extra! This beam would have cost about $600 but he had it in his junk yard so we can use it! He is so helpful and good to us.
We are behind schedule. I wanted to be done the basement by the 20th but now I am just hoping close to the end of the month!

This is the other thing that keeps us busy. We have a big bin that we are filling with all the garbage in the house and drywall we had to rip out and things in the yard. It is huge and now it is full!

This is a huge pile ( the whole roof) of shingles that the previous owner left for us to clean up! It looks small but I worked on it for over an hour and have barely made a dent. It is full of gross creepy crawlies that like dark wet places....yuck!

Blossom is adjusting well to farm life! Every day she begs to go outside and once out, doesn't want to come in. Kitty on the other hand lives outside and is always fighting to get inside. We always seem to want what we don't have! Every time Blossom goes out she plays for hours and come home filled will burrs! I had to chop most of her tail off the other day because they were everywhere. It will be nice when we have to pay attention to the outside and tame the weeds. Now that it is cooler she can go out more as I am not worried about her having a run in with a snake.

My dad came for a visit to look things over and got right into helping us clean up! They fought with these poles to get them out of the ground. My dad may come and move a house onto our yard. It will be nice to have him closer to us.
All and all the house is starting to feel like home. I still don't have a cook top it has to be hooked up to natural gas. That should happen today. It is hard to cook everything in the oven...I have to get creative. We still don't have a washer and dryer they should be here in the next couple of days as well. Then all we need is trim and doors and voila! We will be settled. I am so grateful for all the help we have received and encouragement from family and friends. These have been a very stressful few months and my waist line can testify too!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Proud Cheesy Momma!

Today is London's first day of Seminary and I made her pose with her scriptures! She was disgusted and said that is soooooo cheesy mom! Well I enjoy cheese and I am so excited for her today. I loved teaching Seminary and I pray that this will help her testimony grow and that she will put in great effort to learn from the scriptures. I love the scriptures and want her to discover the power in them as well.

I have a new calling. I am institute teacher. I am so chuffed to have this calling. I am worried and hope that I will be able to connect with the young adults and figure out what to teach. Everything is still up in the air. My first lesson is this Thursday. I love how much you grow as a teacher. I know it is a selfish calling but I am grateful I have it!
Now more bragging. London was asked to do a poster that symbolized her. Each thing on it had to be explained. The black wires are things that she is sure of. The silver wires are things she is trying to develop or grow in. I love her paper and I would add it but I don't know how to import it! Sean and I helped a bit to get the tree on the poster...so I hope we get an A!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Truck delivery!

Our cat Kitty has been whining all day! She is really really pregnant! Poor girl. She is huge. Well we were packing my computer stuff in and out from the truck today and she must have gotten in and we shut the door on her. Thank goodness it isn't to hot today or she would have died. When Sean went to go and get London at 3:30 (she got in about 2:00) there she was on the drivers side floor having her kittens. I can't believe it! She is desperate to get in somewhere the wild cats that have survived the shooting spree can't get her babies.

I am not quite sure where we will put her so that she will be safe. I don't want her in the house but that may be the only solution. So far there are 4! Sean thinks one more is still waiting to show up..we will see.

Never a dull moment on the farm! We also have been seeing a ton of little bunnies. They are running around everywhere. It is so fun!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Day of School...and house update

Isn't she lovely! She is such a beautiful girl inside and out. I am really going to miss having her around everyday. London has been such a big help with the move and the renos. She is such a hard worker and she has such a positive attitude. When I start getting discouraged she always finds the good in everything. I love her so much and can't believe how blessed we are to have her in our lives. I am so glad that through all the years of struggle of infertility that the Lord saw fit to bless us with her ....sniff!

First day of school is quite different this year. We tried to be ready to have it at our new house but we still didn't have water or a kitchen so this year it was at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Also, a new big school....scary. From a couple hundred kids to over 1200 kids. Hat High has several floors and many sky walks and hallways to get lost in. By day 2 she is already starting to find her way around. We had a special tour by my friend and a teacher at the school, Colleen Picket. That really helped to get to go around and see everything when no students were there. It was especially fun because her best friend Letitia and Alex were there to share it with her. She came home feeling overwhelmed on her first day by the weird kids! There are lots of kids experimenting trying to figure out who they are.

Now onto the updates....here is one big BiG bin to fill with all the junk and garbage still in the house and laying around. We were going to take a million trips to the dump because this guy is expensive but we figured that we may as well save time.

Now here is a blessing story. See this beautiful door.....$1200.....$1000....can you believe it started out at that and then was marked down to $699....yippee I was so excited. I need to back up and tell the whole tale. We were driving home after picking up our new fridge when we passed Totem and I saw this door outside with a bright red sticker on it...I screamed for Sean to pull over (which is tricky to swerve with a fridge in the back) but we pulled over and saw it was marked down so we checked it out and it is a bit bumped up as it was in the store as a display. So we went in to purchase it and I said make sure to ask if it is the best deal...he poo pooed me saying it was already marked down. So I made him promise to try to get a better deal. Guess how much?!!! I was hoping for like $50 off. Well, he got it for $400. Yuppers can you believe it! Now if only there were two!

This is the start of my Martha Stewart organizer! It is going to be awesome! We have a big closet. I am excited!

Here is the shelf that London and I put together for her room! We did a pretty good job I think. Sadly I didn't like this Martha Stewart product....cheaply made...not a good thing :0(
My kitchen cupboards are getting picked up today and installed tomorrow!!!! We should have a fully functional bathroom and laundry room by the weekend as well. Then it is just organizing and cleaning...tada! We should be moved in this weekend. Then we start on the basement and the outside!