Friday, October 29, 2010

Intoducing Brigham

We went to the Auction last Saturday without Sean as he had to work. We were looking for a tractor for our little farm and any other treasures! As soon as London and I were walking in a noticed a family behind us with 4 puppies on leashes. I said to London that maybe they were going to sell them. She didn't believe me or want me to ask but I went back and asked them about the pups. Well it ends up they brought them to the auction hoping that by walking around with them they would be able to give them all away. Well we took two to walk around with Brigham and a little girl and ended up falling in Love with him.
We really have wanted an outside dog but Sean said NO! We don't need anymore animals. Well he was working so we got him anyway! Of course Sean loves him now as well.

All his Siblings were brown and way smaller than him. I think he has a different dad than all the others. He looks like he has some collie in him. Well they thought he was Jack Russel Terrier and blue healer. He has short legs but really big paws so we are hoping he will get big enough to defend the place. It is London's dog so we are all under strict instructions not to have him love us more. Blossom is my Dog and loves me best and doesn't really like London! So she wants him to love her the most.
It is getting cold out side but London goes and sits with him for hours everyday. He sits on her lap and he cuddles. He is spoiled already!

This morning I looked out and a little kitten was snuggled on his back having a snooze!

I am so worried that he is going to kill one of the kitties by accident! He bites them and sits on them and drags them around on the sidewalk. You should hear them screech! But they keep coming back for more. Poor animal confused puppy! He doesn't know they are his enemy.

Welcome to the Family Brigham!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Fall Fabulousness!

This has got to be the worst spring/summer and even early fall ever! I have grown web feet it has been so cold and rainy! Well I have to say the last couple of weeks have been beautiful! I have enjoyed myself so much. On Sunday we went for a walk down to Echo-dale and took some family pictures. I love Fall! It is my favorite season...crunching leaves, beautiful colors and yummy pumpkin and spicy recipes.

Poor Blossom we covered her with leaves and made her sit forever to get a good picture! You can tell she was bored...places to go things to sniff.

London wants to be a photographer and had us throwing leaves and capturing pictures

She also likes butt pictures!
Happy Fall everyone!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dedicated to the love of my Life!

Today is Sean and my 15 year anniversary. I may not have a huge bank account or a mansion but he has provided me with so much more. I could never ask for a better man in my life. This post is dedicated to him.
Sean is always full of surprises. He waited to ambush London off the bus with a water fight! He is so much fun!

The only man I know that can hold up a mountain with one hand!

He is my rock in life! Truly my biggest strength and he has build his life of our Saviour Jesus Christ our rock!

He is willing to stop any where anytime to go look at something! Not many men would put up with our requests and do so happily! He drives us everywhere and negotiates some pretty busy streets and big cities even in the motor home.

My honey is always a good sport and is even willing to wear silly hats in public! He loves to tour things and especially loves treats. The jelly Belly factory was a favorite!

He loves his girls and always wants to spend time with us and make us, touring and giving opinions is what we love about him! He is always willing to go to one more shop (truthfully he loves shopping more than me!)

He is the official water tester. He always has to go in first to make sure it is safe! Life would not be nearly as fun without him in it!

He is the love of my life and makes me happy!

He is truly the animal whisperer! He always says he doesn't want pets but is the first one to cave when he meets them. All animals love him and want to be around him!

Always tries to bring a smile to my face! Goofy boy!

More playing. He is always game for ANythING! He loves all adventures!

He is super handy man! He has a big "S" on his chest under all the hair! He can do anything and fix everything. Right now he is working all day and every Saturday as well in his job and still comes home and works on the house!

He is even willing to let me take silly pictures and do silly things to please me!
He will go for a walk with me when ever I want and loves to hold my hand and listen to my heart!

He finds joy in the little things and helps me realize my mountains are really mole hills.

He really has sweet cheeks!

I love you honey! I am so glad that we found each other and that Heavenly Father found my perfect match. Not many people could put up with me and you have for 15 years! I am so glad you are mine for eternity. The best part is your tender heart! I know I was tearing up writing this and I know you are tearing up reading it. Thank you for completing my and being my best friend (Todd) xoxo

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Latest

Well here is what we have been up to lately! I should say what Sean has been up to. He is the one that has been working hard on the basement. We had to put up all these poles before we could take out the old beam and the old wall. It took lots of pounding and oil as they have been sitting outside in Jacks yard for years. Sean was up to the task and did a great job! I am so grateful for grandpa Jack and his junk pile....everything we need he seems to have hanging around. This has been a huge task! The beam weighed over 600 pound and it had to get lifted up with Grandpa Jack supervising and Sean and his brother Mac lifting they got it in! The house seems secure!

Sean had to Jack hammer out a bunch of the concrete to put in a footing....after all that work he found a good enough footing underneath and didn't have to do anymore! He still had to pour concrete downstairs to fill the big hole he made! Now that is all done and he is doing the electrical putting in central vac and building walls. We haven't been working as hard lately...sigh I think we are worn out especially Sean. It should have been done a couple of weeks ago! We are shooting to have the drywaller start Thanksgiving weekend and then it should be ready for carpet in two weeks.

My dad is moving onto our property and so we have been cutting down some tree's around where his new home is going to be. We are really excited for him to come. His house should be finished Nov 15. I am praying the mild weather will continue and we can get everything done we need! WE are so glad that he will be moving closer. It will be a blessing to our family. I just hope he doesn't mind the isolation or get sick of us. It is a bit of a gamble but hopefully he will like being on a farm!

Special Visitors we have had lately! This is Sally....There have been three of these babies in our basement now! Yikes...Sean assures me once we get the basement done they won't turn up anymore! I hope not! London is sure that they will make it up into her bed!

These visitors are way less creepy and way more welcome! lol. Dela brought the girls a bunch of London's friends to visit two different times! I love and miss they so much! Joanne and Stephanie and Amy also came for a visit and I didn't get me camera out! Darn!

Modeling the new Island.

This is a scary Visitor!!! The 80'S! London dressed up and tried to learn the dance from Thriller! Some things shouldn't be repeated.

The old gang back together again! I haven't seen London's smile that big for a while. It was great to be back with her bestest friends

This is soooo funny! Here are the kitties getting bigger. I had the cubs out to earn there home Renovation badge and the learn about pets so I brought the babies inside. Well Blossom jumped right into the box when they were crying to mother them. At first a few hissed at her but soon they were all cuddled around trying to nurse. Blossom loves them so much and everyday wants to check on them! It is so funny to see her and there mom hang out...they do everything together outside! Who says we need enemy's in life?

This is my first attempt at making Stephanie's hat with out a pattern! It is a bit big for London but it still turned out pretty cute! I will make some adjustments and try again!