Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ladies and the Tramp

My brother Micki and his wife Nadine and family came out to visit this last weekend. We had so much fun and perfect weather to boot! We rode quads all day on Saturday. Micki even got to try out the tractor! The little boys rode rode and rode some more. Matty complained at one point how much his finger hurt but he wouldn't stop driving it around. It is so fun having people out that enjoy the farm!

We had a wiener roast and there was enough breeze that even the bugs stayed away. What a perfect day with family! We sure tired everyone out!

London and her Cousin Leah started playing on the tramp and dragged over the basketball net! They had so much fun slam dunking, throwing it while laying down, doing twirls then slamming it ect... I really got some fun shots!

I love this one with the braids flying! I really like how she is more of a shadow and the red shop in the back ground. These ones were shot later in the day that is why there is shadows

Waiting to see if it goes in! Yuppers

doing some hang time on the rim! So many of London's guy friends can do this! It is frustrating when you can't

Leah taking her turn! There was so much giggling going on it was hard to even shoot sometimes!

I love this action shot of Leah falling trying to catch her ball!

We hope we get lots of visitors this summer...come on by everyone!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The hired help

For a young men's and young women's fundraiser this year they had a service auction to save money. The thing we bid on was labour! We have so much to do around our little farms. We paid for 3 boys for 5 hours to come and work....and work they did! They did 7-10 truck loads of picking up twigs and raking.

I had weed-wacked the whole back the grass was very tall and so it took a lot. They raked and picked all morning. It is hard to tell by these pictures but it wasn't a nice day. It spit and rained on them all day! They were good sports about it and decided to stay and just get the work done.

The funny part....London usually complains every time she has to work (which is often out here!) but with 3 handsome older boys she was more than willing to get out there! hee hee

Brigham of course was close at hand and loved the attention. Scott had a little dance with him! lol

We have had a ton of rain! The one good part is that everything is very lush and green. Doesn't all the greenery look amazing? It would have taken us days to do as much as these guys I am so grateful that they came out and helped us!

We promised quad rides once they were done. I though it may have been to wet but they were up for it! It was pouring by this time. They got MUDDY and Very wet and all loved it!

Scott and Tanner

You can't really tell how wet London is but she was soaked!

Of course the biggest kid of them all! He loved to play and get muddy!

Look at the mud in his ears!

Carlin!....he had one very muddy sock!

This was the little thing I made them and brought to church. I stole the idea from a blog for fathers day and just changed it up! Isn't it a cute idea?

Friday, June 24, 2011

Duct tape anyone?

London had a duct tape dance the other weekend. She was very excited to go. I always wondered what everyone did with all that colorful duct tape. Well she designed her dress and we went out and found colors she would like. Thank goodness for Michael's 50% off coupon last week!

We read to do it on light fabric or plastic wrap! Can you imagine how hot plastic wrap would be? So we decided on material. It is so funny when we cut her out of her dress at the end of the dance she was steaming it was so hot under that duct tape....note to self duct tape doesn't breath!

Front of the skirt designed! We made each part in pieces so when it was time for the dance we just taped her right into the dress.

She had a couple of her friends come over and hang out before the dance and get beautiful! It didn't take long they are all such cute girls. I love the laughter and fun of teenagers. It really makes a house come alive!

OK so London wanted to do the dress but we needed Sean's help as he is so good at these things because he is a perfectionist...that is why we need him but sometimes it is what drives us crazy! He kind of takes over the project and there is lots of "discussions" between him and London! lol

The duct tape kept wanting to stick to it self which can be very frustrating!

She's all taped together now time to finish it off with a hem...with duct tape. Man that is way easier than a regular hem. I tried using duct tape once on one of my pants as I wanted to wear them and then hem them wore them several times then tried to get the duct tape off...not good it left a sticky residue on my pants!

All ready to go. I made London a tinfoil headband. That was the other option to use. Aren't they so cute!! I love how London's dress came out with especially the belt and polka dots!

Silly picture! She even duct taped some Value Village shoes!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I really enjoy the first flowers of spring! It feels so good after such a long winter to see green! There is one flower garden on this land. It is overgrown with grass but the flowers are beautiful.

Lots of Purple and white. I don't know what to do with this garden as it is so overgrown I will never get the grass out. So for now I just trim the grass and enjoy the flowers!

We have all been working like crazy this spring to try and beautify the land. It has been mistreated for so long it is a ton of work. I can't believe how many hours we have worked on it already! I keep telling Sean we never get to relax...not any time in the future do I see the end of projects. It gets overwhelming sometimes. Most people have a little yard and a flower bed or two and take on a big project a year. I have 100's of big projects and to mow our lawn takes all day in itself.

Dad bought himself a beautiful mower that is way faster than ours so it is amazing! It is so nice that he helps out so much around here. He shouldn't as it makes him tired and sore! I think he likes mowing though!

I needed to have some garden boxes this year. I really miss gardening. Last year I didn't have one as we moved. So I begged for some this year. I know it is really late as I am just planting them today but I hope I will still get some produce. I couldn't decide where to put it but finally decided on this spot. It was totally over run with weeds. I didn't take before pictures ...that makes me so sad. You can see the clumps of weeds in the corner the whole thing was like that.

Big ugly weeds. So thick sometimes our commercial weed whipper can't even cut it!

It was all like this!

There are some of my beautiful garden boxes Sean built for me. I just did 4 this year and I will do 4-8 more depending on how much they produce. I will do that next year. I am lucky to get these 4. I have never had raised beds before I am not sure how they will work. I hear it is easier to weed but I know they don't produce as much. I will still have a garden next year on the ground for my potatoes ect..

This is my tool of choice. I love that the tree is hiding my big butt! I love my weed eater. It is well used. I have weed whipped for hours now!

Busy working! Man I need a hair cut!

We have a lot on the go! I need to take time to enjoy life a bit. It gets overwhelming when you work work work. I so badly want my yard to be beautiful I just need to slow down and realize it will take years. I hate people thinking we are hillbillies!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

To the Special Men in My Life

Father's Day is so special this year!  My dad is living right here, so I get to see him every day!  That is such a great thing! 
Sean is the most amazing father!  He does everything for London.  He has taught her to ride a quad and scooter.  He is still teaching her how to work and work hard.  He is the gentle giant in our home.  Sean has the mooshiest heart of us all.  He often sheds a tear or two for the love of his little girl and me, his hot momma!  lol.  He brings laughter to our home everyday.  He is truly the funniest guy I know and I never get sick of his corny jokes!  Just don't tell him!  He can always cheer us up and help us see the funny side of the situation.  All of these wonderful traits and he is handsome too!  He still makes my heart flutter when I see him!
He makes me fall in love with him again and again each day.  I love that he is a righteous priesthood holder and has many times laid his hands on our heads and given us a blessing.  He is so hard working and never complains.  He is so handy around the house and I have yet to find something he can't figure out how to fix!  We love you honey!  Happy Fathers Day
This is his Father's day breakfast.  Sean is a cereal junkie and if he had his way, we would eat it for supper on most days.  He isn't a morning eater but always manages to eat his bowl of cereal for lunch or a snack.  The more sugar, the better and the bigger the bowl!  This is a small bowl but most people could feed a family with it!
**Update he is also amazingly strong...London and I attempted to do the chores this morning; feeding the chickens, ducks and goats but we couldn't get the waterers open so we had to have him come out and help us with his big bulging muscles!
 My dad is also amazing!  I feel so spoiled having him and Sean right here. They do everything for me and both are always looking out for me!  It is so nice to have all the extra love.   Growing up, we went camping and fishing.  I always remember getting a Cuban Lunch chocolate bar for our lunch (anyone see those anymore?  Square chocolate with peanuts in it?).  I had so much fun fishing, both in winter and summer.  Once a beaver came up and touched my pole while fishing at the dam.  Dad taught me a love for nature and a keen eye for seeing animals on the side of the road.  He spent hours taking me bottle picking so I could earn some money.  I am sure that he spent more on gas than I made!  I still remember my first attempt at pancakes. I put in baking soda instead of baking powder.  He ate them with gusto and complimented me on my good cooking....I found out when I sat down to eat how awful they were!
It has been a joy having him closer. We have shared lot of laughs and good times.  Happy Father's Day, Dad! I love you!
How can I mention all the wonderful men in my life and not mention my father in law!  He made my husband what he is today (with a lot of help from my wonderful mother in law!).  Sean's dad is very social and easy going with friends in every corner in town.  He loves them all no matter the class or manner that they are.  He treats everyone as the Saviour would treat people.  He knows pretty much everything...I mean it not sarcastically!  He has so much jammed into his brain, I don't know how he contains it all!  He knows how to fix and build anything and what junkyard has what we need!  He has helped us so much here on our farm finding all the needed items to fix stuff.  He is always willing to lend a hand. 
We love you, Jack! 

As you can see I am so blessed.  I am especially grateful to my Heavenly Father and all he has blessed me with, especially these wonderful men!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


These are Peahens.  Dad bought them at the animal sale.  They only stayed for a few days and then they broke out!  Dad saw them running to the bushes with Brigham close behind.  We tried to catch them but they fly... high.  So no luck.  I saw them the next day and heard them a few times but we haven't seen or heard from them in a long time.  They either have been eaten or some farmer got lucky and got our birds!  Keep an eye out for them!  They were so fun to listen to and watch I am sad that they are gone!
They hated being in with the chickens.  I think that is why they escaped.  They have the most beautiful feathers ever!  We had big plans for head bands ect....  Maybe someone will find them and they will come back home.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Well I have to document this so I don't forget.  I never want to take my health for granted!  I think sometimes in life I need these reminders so that I am more grateful for what I have.  I have been sick now 12 days.  I actually got out for the first time yesterday for a baptism.  Today I went to Sacrament meeting.  It is nice to get out but I just don't feel like myself yet.  I am still week and if I talk or move around too much I start having a coughing fit!  I really miss running around getting all the things done I need.  I am grateful for my health and I pray that it will be restored completely soon!

I can't even say I have gotten anything done because I couldn't really sit up and do anything.  So no quilting or getting done the 500 projects that are unfinished....just plain old rest and laying around.  When I get better I am committing to be more aware of peoples needs around me.  I have had some really kind people drop off a meal and I got a surprise card in the mail wishing me well.  Those little things are so appreciated.  I know I need to do it for others so that they feel loved.  I think that is a lost art even with church people.  I don't think we care for each other as much as they did in the past.  So I can't fix the world but I can commit myself to be a better person.  Our RS Pres. has been great.  I want to be like her.  She calls often and tries to help everyone.  I am suprised how few friends I really have.  I need to be a better friend to have friends.  I think it is because I spend so much time with my family.  I also am going to appreciate my family more and live my life more fully! 

London and I made a list of wishes of little fun things to do this summer from making homemade icecream and pizza on the BBQ to flying a kite and floating down the river.  We have quite a list and I can't wait to check each one off!

I also am going to eat better and start exercising again.  Life if to short not to be mobile.  I see all these older people that are heavy and they are crippled up in there 50's.  I want to be a rockin grandma and still walking around and gardening and flirting with the pool boy when I am 80!  That comes with work now.  So don't take for granted your health.  You may have to spend two weeks in bed to be reminded and I don't reccomend that for anyone!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Backyard Late night visitor

London and I were sitting in the front room when she gets up and stares out the window at what she thought was a cat in the tree! She saw the branches moving and it sure wasn't a cat after all it was a porcupine! We watched it from the living room and then our bedroom.

We called Sean and he got the camera out and went out to see him. He didn't mind us watching him so we took a bunch of pictures and got really close. London warned us to stay back as it can shoot it quills (false they don't). Sitting there it looked just like a Koala. He gripped the tree with his hands and feet and happily ate the bark and new leaves off my tree.

Look at his cute little hairdo!

Brigham then came along and spook him so he climbed further up the tree with ease. What a fun treat to see him.

Walking that little way almost did me in. I have been sick since last Wednesday with body aches the kind that makes your skin hurt and headache turned to fever and vomiting. I wanted to die. On the way back to the house I could barely make it and sadly vomited all over Sean's new shoes which I slipped on for ease. It was awful and gross. Monday I finally went to the ER as my doctor and walk in couldn't see me. In the end after a long wait I am still glad that I went. They did a bunch of test and put my mind at ease...I wasn't dying despite the fact that I wanted too! I did get some great medicine for Nausea in an IV and lots of fluids which I had problems keeping down in the past. The IV was a miracle worker. They did a Chest x-ray and blood work too which turned out Ok. I am still coughing up a lung but I am feeling a bit better. I just need to rest and keep up the fluids now that they topped me up. I really recommend IV's.

I had two Paramedic Student practicing IV's on me but in only took a few tries and they got in! Phew...that was entertainment in it self. Is it me or are student looking younger and younger! They still had baby fat I swear!