Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My New Project!

I am so excited to be working on my first "Real" quilt. It wasn't my first choice of fabric but I am really starting to like it now. It is a stack and wack and the material is all the same but it is amazing how many different patterns comes out of it.

Thanks to the quilt club ladies for all their help. I spent Saturday cutting it out and starting to do a block then on Sunday I completed 6 more. This week is crazy busy but I am hoping to get a few more done. It is nice to have a project to work on.

Monday, January 25, 2010

The kitchen Sink

Yesterday I noticed that my house was a mess. Why because I spent Saturday at the college quilting and Sean was busy working under the house to install the new water. Thus Friday nights laziness and Saturdays business created a mess! I hate starting my sabbath with out my house perfectly clean because it bugs me all day Sunday and I can't do any cleaning that day. (refer to Saturday song in primary!).

So looking at my kitchen sink I realized my house often reflects my state of being.. and lately I am in a slump. I feel overwhelmed sometimes with my work and not motivated to get things done so you know as deadlines come so does the pressures! All because I didn't do my bits everyday and let things get away from me!

I am very frustrated with my self physically. I am still hauling around my 10 pounds I gained in December. Nothing fits right so I always feel ugly. My clothes were tight before because I had to buy some new things but I still wanted to lose another 20 pounds so I got them tighter so they would add 10 pounds and they are uncomfortable! I am working really hard at the gym but I am still struggling in my eating. I need to lose this 10 pounds so I can look my self in the mirror.

Anyway, that is the state of my house, my mind and my health right now! It is time to clean up all three! Wish me luck! Thanks for listening.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Do you know this butt? Joanne stole my camera and took a bunch of butt pictures. Let me just say I am glad that I was sitting during this madness!
PS My good friend Janet congratulated me at the gym and commented how brave I was to take a picture of my butt in those jammies in my last post! I hope you all know it looks smaller in real life (let me remain delusional please)
Two posts in a week. You can tell it is a New Years goal. I will not be able to keep this up! We had a wonderful craft night out at my house in December. So much fun! It got funner as we got higher on the fumes.

There honestly were snacks!

I love my winter blocks on the back I have Autumn. I will be making Spring and Summer!

London really worked me over this year for her birthday. She let me know that it was her 13th birthday on the 13th and that this only happens once in your life so it has to be good! (She also let me know about double digit birthdays 11,22, ect) I have missed on all of these birthdays growing up! I had no of course she got it. We went to Medicine Hat for a basketball tourney and stayed at the lodge with her and 4 friends from the team. So we ate Taco Salad in the hotel her favorite! They swam played games and then at midnight we played Sardines in the hotel on all levels. It was very fun!
Then we had a special family birthday. She doesn't like cake so she requested pie so I made Strawberry tarts, Lemon Meringue tarts, and banana cream. It was a special birthday and very yummy! Here is the decorated table of yumminess.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Goodbye 2009--Hello New Year!

Well this year has been a year full of fun and many blessings. I am blog stealing and using all your wonderful idea's at looking back on this past year. It is really long so you better get a snack!

3 new birthday jammies! Aren't they cute?

2 kitties waiting for Christmas morning stocking and treats! Yes our animals always get stuff from Santa

Blossom opening her stocking.

One Very Spoiled Child!

One Teenager! 13 wow where did the years go? Her Auntie made this wonderful Birthday hat. We had a wonderful family birthday party.

5 crazy friends at their band concert.

One pajama party with 3 matching Jammie's

One little Bo Peep sewn! What a pain it was. It was the hardest costume I have made to date. Then London ended up being so sick she missed School and the ward party so she didn't even get to show it off!
One beautiful daughter in the making

One bunny gone...sniff we (Sean) decided that he needed a better home. We miss you Anna-boy.

To high to count the Bridge jumping days this summer! This is our favorite family Activity. It is our local entertainment by our house.

One true love lasted 14 years.

One great friendship made! I love Dela. It was so wonderful to be able to share the gospel with the Wandler Family. It was the highlight for sure. So nice to have them listen to what we believe and support us in it even if they decided it wasn't for them. I am so glad to have them in our lives.

One fantastic Trip. 3 Weeks gone and Two provinces and 6 States visited! The Best Seafood of my life!
Oops I deleted the picture by mistake (imagine)

One trolley ride in San Fransisco! The best part of our trip! I loved hanging off the side.

4 beaches visited! Most of them cold...brrr. I like the warm ones better.

1 wonderful Aunt Lost. It was so great to go and see her in Portland before she passed. I know she and my Mom are busy catching up!

1 Major Forest Fire survived! We didn't think we were going to make it into the states through Kelowna. We stopped to camp for a few days before we went to Seattle and watched this forest fire start, then rage out of control...finally we could go! This is from our trailer.

1 Champion made! We loved watching London swim and achieve such great things this year. She is the 3rd place champion for all of Southern Alberta in her back stroke! Go London Go!

1 great camping trip with friends! Fun in the Hoodoo's

FINALLY my Peony bloomed. This is a big deal! These are my favorite flower and the dang things will never bloom for me!!! Finally it bloomed not just once but 4 big ones!! Made my year!

One Hairbrush party with 7 teenage girls! London came up with this plan for the end of the year to have a singing hairbrush party! She said her childhood wasn't going to be complete because she never remembered singing into her hair brush (The kid will dream up anything for a party)

Many great Quad trips! We have so much fun with our quads.

Two triathlons completed! Hurray for me. I still can't believe it. I want to do 2-3 more this year and a 10km run. I had to put this picture up again as someone commented how thin my legs looked in it and so now it is my favorite!

1 Basketball fanatic made and 2 Phoenix Suns games attended! It was so much fun!

-One roof lost A new roof found.
~6 months of terrible renovations!
~60 pounds lost and maintained! Hooray (OK I must admit I fell off the wagon in December and I have gained 10 Yikes yes I said 10 POUNDS~ They will be lost in January)
~One great trip with my cousin to Mexico! My first time ever

Well there are many more blessing from this last year. I am grateful for my friends and family in good health and good faith. I especially appreciate all the prayers answered. This is also my Blog anniversary. I did 30 journal entry's last year and I want to do at least 40 this coming year. This should count as 4 as it is so long.
Happy New Year!