Saturday, August 27, 2011

I'm back bigger than ever!

I hope everyone's summer was great! Mine was good/stressful and full of adjustments. Good memories were made and I have billions of posts to catch up on, so keep watching.

I need to vent today, so I will use my blog . I was going to vent on Facebook, but it spit it out before I could publish. It may be a good thing. I know that many people don't take the time to come to my blog and read it and my truer friends are found here.

Well, I just packed up all my clothes that I bought when I lost weight. They kept mocking me everyday and every pound I have put on, so I decided I needed to pack them up to be opened at a later date. That is a very depressing way to start the day!

It is hard to live in a world that values the outside of a person the most. It is a proven fact that fat people don't advance in jobs as easily, have lower pay and often are invisible or thought of with disgust! I have always struggled with my weight. I was so happy to be successful in taking off 70 pounds and keeping it off for over 2 years. The move and change in my life made it very difficult for me to cope without my need for food. I got out of the habits I had worked so hard to create, like the gym. It sure goes on quicker than it came off.

I hate seeing people I haven't seen for a long time as they get this look of disappointment, shock and pity. Fat people are looked on as weak. Those people are so wrong. It takes a lot of strength to carry on showing our weakness on the outside. I need to gather up the strength to start again, but to be honest I know how hard it was to get it off and even harder to keep it off. It is way harder the 2nd time around. I really don't know if I can gather the strength to start all over again. It eats up every hour of every day. I will start and will welcome the day when I can pull out those clothes again. I hope it is soon so the style stays the same!

Happier posts to follow, I promise