Friday, January 30, 2009

Update...I got it!

I got my passport in the mail today! Yippee...I'm off to the sun! Anyone want to go to Vegas for a weekend now if I find a sweet deal?


Well here I am...I wish I was in my comfy bed sleeping but my mind is too busy thinking. I don't know if you have all heard yet but on Wednesday they announced at the college that they are moving the electrical program to Medicine Hat. This came as a huge shock as there wasn't even any talks of this that we knew of. A few years ago I would have been so excited as I love Medicine Hat (and still do) BUT now I absolutely love Brooks as well. I am just so torn and upset. Why is it when life is just cruising along something happens to upset it?

So now the big decisions. Does Sean commute? Do we move? Do we try it out for a year? I know that Heavenly Father is in charge of my life and I know from the past experience I have had that all will be well. I just hope that we make the right decision. My job is the most affected as it won't move and of course I am so worried for London. She and her best friend Letitia are so close and she is doing so well in school and sports. *Side note: She just got tons of awards, one for every subject she is in today, honors in all! Hip Hip Hooray! I am so proud.

Well, I know I am addicted to blogging! All I did while tossing and turning is think about what I could write! I feel better now, so I am off to dream...zzzzz

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Life is too short...

Well thanks to Joanne I came home last night and organized 3 kitchen drawers, one cupboard and the top and side of my fridge. I threw out lots and have a bag full for Sally Ann! I was a little bit overwhelmed with it all yesterday because there are some area's in my life that need to be de-cluttered. I decided to do the timer for 15 minutes and attack each one slowly but surely. Thanks again Joanne I will still never be as good as you but I started!

I have been worried about what to blog about until Randa pointed out that it is my blog and I can blog what I want to. She also suggested printing it out every year though a company that makes it like a my journal problem is solved!

Today I really miss my mom ( she died 7 years ago much to young). I am very frustrated with my family we really aren't close. I have tried to reconnect with some of them that I was really close to my niece in particular...but that isn't going so well. She came and lived with me and it didn't go well to say the least. Well I want to re-establish a relationship and work through it but she isn't willing. Today I got a scathing letter letting me know she doesn't want to even be my friend on facebook! Well back to de-cluttering....I can't have these feelings stay with me so I need to do all I can on my part and leave the rest up to her and the Lord. Sometimes we just need to get into a different place in our lives before we can see the other side of the situation!

Thanks my friends out there for letting me was a good therapy session today now I just need a good cry and 15 minutes with my bookshelf and I will feel better!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Slip Sliding Away!

I convinced Sean to come on with me only once! I guess he is getting old. He drove the kids around on the quad most of the time.

Some of the gang!

I just love my new camera isn't this a great picture of Tyler and Adam!

More cuties! Hey Steph..who wears a designer coat sledding..?

I was convinced Blossom had cabin fever and would love to come..well she lasted about 3 minutes and was shivering and asking to go into the truck! Wimp

Loving the sledding!

All of us squeeezed into the calf sled. It was great until we were on our side and they were all crying for mom! Nice driving Sean! Stephanie needed some convincing to go as you can see she is screaming even before we started! Good thing I have lost some weight I landed on her at the bottom...we still had to dig her out! (More pictures to follow with the action shots)

Passport Fiasco!

I am so excited! I am going to Mexico Feb 22 for the first time (unless you count taking a bus to Tijuana?) Well, I am a walking example of a procrastinator. We said a couple of years ago that we would go and get our passports when they said you needed one to fly to the USA. We kept putting it off. Fast forward 2 years and now I have had this tour booked for at least 8 months...still no passport. I knew I had lots of time. The other day I really looked at the calendar and realized I only had 5 weeks! So, I thought, no big deal... I will just go downtown Brooks because we have our own Service Canada office now. After checking it out, their delivery date was the end of February. Needless to say I started to panic!

Well, yesterday we finally accomplished the difficult task and got into Calgary for our passports. I was worried when we walked in as all the chairs were filled, but it ended up being not too bad! We were in and out in about 45 minutes. The forms weren't too difficult to do. The pictures were awful! I hate that you can't smile. When I asked Sean why he said it is so they can identify your body if needed? I am still not sure if he was joking! The only painful part is that I am now $211 poorer!

So now everyone cross your fingers and toes for me that it will come with no problems before the 22nd. I also went and got a Hep A/B shot on Thursday. Being the world traveller that I am I didn't know I needed shots to go to Mexico. I am like Joanne with her cursed luck with winning but mine is if anyone will get sick with some unusual tropical disease it will be me! I would rather have Joanne's bad luck. It is much less fatal. Back to my shot, my arm still hurts! I will be able to get both before my trip so I should be good.

I hear the place we are going has the best snorkeling on the Mayan Riviera. One big problem... my cousin who I am going with is terrified of the ocean..well not the ocean as much as the creatures that swim in it. She had informed me that she will sit on the beach with binoculars ready to warn me if she sees any fins. So helpful of her. My only worry now is SHARKS!!!! Is there anyone out there who knows of a shot that makes you taste bad to killer fish? One bite and they will spit me out? I hope the bite is in a good spot that will make me look thinner! I just can't get off these last 20 pounds! GRRRRRR....Well eating Red Lobster last night didn't help! Out of all the restaurants, it is rated the worst for where did we go...yup! Drenched in butter goodness I should have just pasted it to my butt....

Monday, January 5, 2009


I have been excited all weekend for tonight's meal. During Christmas we went to the Cheese Cake Cafe. I had lettuce wraps. I have never had them before and they were so good and healthy, I made a mental note to make them at home. Well tonight was the night! So I chopped and grilled my little heart out. All little match stick pieces so that they would fit in the lettuce.

Well, the first couple of lettuce wraps were excitedly eaten by every one. Lip smacking all around the table. Then after about 4 wraps, London was the first to make her own little nest on her plate. Sean decided that he would never get full by just eating wrap upon wrap so he too joined in and added a pile on his plate. Well I did get full and felt that the meal was awesome. I think that my family would prefer something less foofy. Give it a try and see what your family thinks! All I can think of now is I wish I could get back all that chopping time!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

I'm Here!

Well it is a New Year and I decided once and for all to start my blog! I am so excited. I have been addicted to the blogging world for several months thanks to my good friends that I have been stalking via...the blog. I wanted to do this as a Christmas gift for all my friends but with sickness and Christmas prep I ran out of time.
Well I spent my New Years Eve Stoned and in the Emergency room...honest I really am a good member of the church. I have been struggling with a terrible cough so in anticipation for a night of fun I thought I better drug up. So I dusted off the EXTRA strength Benylin for the occasion and being lazy decided to use the little cup provided with the "regular" weak Benylin (as you know my kitchen is about 23 steps away from the bathroom but I was saving my energy) I saw that I was to take 2 so I found the marking on the cup took 2 tbsp full and for good measure I also added a extra tablespoon. Not wanting to miss a drop of the good stuff, I proceeded to lick out the cup. Feeling that my night was guaranteed to be phlegm free, I set off for the night.
*note: remember I have been sick and have eaten nothing but two toffifee (for medicinal purposes of course)

Well I was fine for about a half an hour until I decided to go get more food from the kitchen and ended up with my head tucked in between my legs. Well, I was so dizzy which was normal for the last couple of days but on top of it I felt really funny. For the next while I felt dizzy and like the room was spinning. On top of it all I felt like my pupils where huge. To tell you the truth I felt high and proceeded to tell that to anyone who would listen. Well, I was convinced by many concerned people to go to the hospital and get a prescription.

On the way, Sean questioned me on my drug of choice for the night. When I told him what I took he informed me that it was supposed to be 2 tsp and I took 3 tbsp!!!! Add that with no know the rest. I made him swear not to tell the ER doc...I informed them over and over that I have not been drinking even though it was New Years Eve. Ends up I have Vertigo which explains the dizziness and I am full of infection.

So as my New Years Resolution I pledge next time to walk the 23 steps and get a spoon!
Well bear with me as I figure out this blogging world.
Happy New Year