Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Meet Morris

As usual I didn't load the images right. The bottom one should be first. Oh well. This is our new addition to our family. Sean found London her first car...to be. He got this cute little car for nothing we just had to haul it home. London and Sean are going to work on restoring it and making it her own. It will be one of her 10 hour YW projects that will take 100's of hours to do!

It was a really fun day...mostly

If you look closely at this picture you will see Sean yelling at me to turn the wheel..The tires were flat so it was hard to get it off the trailer.

Tesaha was there for the fun!

Yup we are true hillbillies now! I love this picture. I am still in my Jammie's! Our neighbour lent us his tractor and I wanted to go along for the ride. Even Blossom was into it!

One day in a couple of years I will have the after picture of this little Morris! London wanted to paint in polka dots...now I think she will settle for seat covers instead.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

I know I know.....

Every day I have to come to my blog to look at all of your blog and I am so sick of looking at those quilt pictures!!! So I am going to be blogging all week. My fellow blogger Joanne taught me how to make up a bunch of blogs and have them publish. So starting next week I will be finally updating my blog.

Winter is very hard for me I suffer from seasonal depression and so thus it is reflected on my lack of blogging. The sun is out now and things are greening up so it is time to come out of my cave and share what I have been doing all Winter.