Saturday, December 18, 2010

Get out of the WAY!

This is the closest picture I could find to announce London got her learners licence yesterday! I am sure it will be a hair raising experience. She didn't make it her first try and was very discouraged. She was on the last question and got it wrong! Shucks so close. She cried on the way home.
We are so excited for her. She got to drive home from the licence Bureau so it was a great day yesterday! This is your warning....move over if you see us coming!
PS: My goal was 40 posts this is #51!!! I made it. Thanks for all your comments through the year they make my day! xxxx~Kimara

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dancing Queen!

OK, So this year London turns 14! Man, where did the time go! Anyway, 14 means dances in our Church. She is soooo excited to be able to get her groove on. We had a family dance a few weeks ago and I noticed all the youth doing these special dances and London didn't know them so she just stumbled along. We haven't had a party yet this year with her friends but I thought it would be a fun surprise to bring a couple young women from Church (also her friends) to show her these crazy dances so she will be comfortable on New Years Eve. Click on this picture above to see it big. It is so funny. Kenzie's hair is right up!

Everyone getting into the action. This is the Hyde family and my cousin Lane. Lane and Stacey came and stayed with us for a few days with their little boys. We had so much fun.

I went to second hand stores to get some records to spiff up the joint a bit for the dance. Sean didn't want to put them into the ceiling because it would damage it! was a little pin hole. Don't they look great? See my wreath in the background...that was my first bit of Christmas cheer brought by Lisa and Randa who also came for a quick visit! I love it!

Man....London is thinking, "too much information". She is a very fast learner so I am sure she will be jiving out at the dance. Speaking of jiving, her Grandpa got up and cut a rug with me (sadly not a great partner) It was so fun dancing with him! The older crowd didn't like the song selections or dance styles as much. It is strange now. They dance in groups instead of one on one until the slow numbers. London chose taco salad and pies again this year for the birthday meal. She insists that is what she will have at her wedding as well.... taco in a bag.... that just doesn't sound weddingish to me? Maybe she will grow out of it.

Look at this cutie! I am sure the boys will be lining up for miles for a dance. There is the tree up sans decorations but at least it is up right? Dela, the girls and I got it out. That was the best part of London's birthday to have Teesha come for a visit with her mom. The girls really miss each other still. It was so nice of them to come visit on her birthday weekend and hang out. I miss all my old Brooks friends.

The peanut gallery. I just love being so close to family! We wanted to have everyone over, but it was about the dancing and it was crazy already! We had the biggest tower of dishes you have ever seen. I had to bake 3 different types of tarts and make supper then run to London's basketball game which she won!!! So I left them out so I could enjoy the game thinking I would run home and do them before more company came over. Pulled the plug in the sink ( left some to soak) and the water wouldn't go down. So we had piles of dishes before the party started and it grew after. Sean and Lane had to spend most of the evening snaking it out and finding lots of gross stuff!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Welcome to Country life

This has been a really crazy week. We got carpet in the basement...Monday. They brought the wrong amount so they finished on Tuesday. We moved in all our stuff on Wednesday. Thanks for all the help from our friends in our ward and Trevor and Vance ( I bet they wished they weren't here!). Then we moved Dad on Saturday (throw in some Christmas parties, concerts and home teaching visits plus all the regular life!) It was a crazy week! Oh yeah, I did my Christmas ornaments on Thursday and the party was that night! That story to follow. We then had company, my cousins Stacey and Lane and kidlets. It was so fun! They came on Sunday and left this morning. Yesterday was London's 14th birthday, so we had to celebrate (bake 3 types of pie, decorate, plan a surprise dance, feed the hordes) Again, I survived this.

Now this morning we had a major gas leak and so we haven't had gas all day. Luckily Sean was able to shut everything down. So we are freezing and recovering and trying to catch up. Oh yeah, I forgot that yesterday when I was getting ready for the party ( I had no presents until 2 that afternoon) baking and cooking for that and company...I used every dish in the house and then...the sink plugged. So we had company with dishes everywhere around the sink and had tons of fun anyway! I will share photos later. It has been amazing and somehow I survived!...Dad....well

We all had a long winters nap today. Poor Dad. I came out and this was him. Sleeping with coat and gloves on. has been a cold day. I hear the furnace finally cut in! Sigh.
PS: I still don't have my tree up, no Christmas presents, no baking and I am so stressed I don't know when it can get done. Anyone that knows me knows I go way out on Christmas decorations and in November everything is done. Christmas might not come to the White house this year.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Especially Chatty Church Member.

Last Saturday London and I went to participate in making over a 1000 pies for the food bank from our church. It was really fun and exciting to participate. Everything was organized amazingly well and so it went really quick.
While there President George came up to me and asked if I would work with the Mayor of Medicine Hat. I was thrilled he was one of the nicest guys, very easy to talk to and we had a great time together. He has been very successful in real estate, Worked for the Prime minister as a RCMP is from Quebec and has 14 brothers and sisters. We chatted and had a great time. He talked as much as me and occasionally people around us joined in. Well the Press showed up for a photo-op of course and they interviewed him and then asked to interview me for a minute. So I said my two bits and below are the results.
Start at the "Of Course." My question is should I be insulted? They called me an especially Chatty Church member!? I was really shocked at first. Don't you think that is an odd thing to say? I haven't made up my mind but I definitely am embarrassed. As my close blog friends I need you to give your HONEST feedback. Should I hunt the journalist down or laugh and embrace my embarrassment.
London keeps calling me to CHAT! Sean was asked to MC the Christmas Party here and stated at the beginning that he was surprised to be asked he thought they would ask and especially chatty church member! I don 't know if I will live it down!
Am I Especially Chatty...would you want that witten in the paper about you with your full name?

Monday, December 6, 2010

Progress Report #1

Jason, our drywaller, had to patch a bunch of spots in our kitchen where the old lights used to be. I thought these pictures looked like something from ET. Little tents everywhere to contain the mess.

Cool picture I love the action shot.

I thought this was a cool picture.

We had to build a light switch into the wall. I love the way the edge looks. It is all painted now and looks great. I will post a picture next time.

Yucky stairs going to be covered with carpet.

This is our new furnace that will be installed near the end of December. I am excited to get rid of the old beast downstairs. We didn't have to replace it yet but I said it is better to do it now while everything is open. It is high efficiency.

Drywall all ready to go! It is finally to the stage we can paint and carpet. It has taken a while to get here. I think we kind of got tired out for a while.

Nope, not mud for my face, for my tile.

Everything had to be taped off as it has lots of details in that part of the tile.

Sean balancing on the tub edge. It is hard on his feet. What a great guy to always help.

We have no idea how to hard can it be right? Well, it is really messy, I can tell you that much and not as easy as I thought. We are half way through right now. I will let you know how it went. Sean did the high stuff and I took care of the lower tiles.

Doors! Yup, I already said we have doors but now here is the proof! Aren't they bootyful!

Our walk in closet doors. It took quite a while for them to install and more money than we thought but they did an amazing job!

Sean replaced all the mismatched lights for beautiful pot lights.

Our new ceiling fan to replace the old yucky one!

Our cabinet doors are finally on as well. We are still having problems with some of the warranty work, but I hope it will be fixed soon. There has been quite a few quality problems but they are going to fix them. It has been a bit frustrating waiting. The guy that installed them really took some short cuts as well. I left a list of things to fix and he only did half and rushed back to Lethbridge before I could check on them. Grrrrr....

Here is the carpet. It is just lying there right now. They were really late getting here today. Then when they unloaded everything they realized they didn't have enough carpet or lino pieces to do the work! So they did as much as they could and are coming back tomorrow to finish it all up. We were supposed to move in our stuff tonight so that we could return the sea-can that everything is stored in but we are going to be delayed a couple of days. We had some people come to help move and we had to turn them away. I felt so bad. They are so nice to have come.

I was hoping and praying it would all come so that my house could start becoming a home as I put up my pictures and knick-nacks and Christmas tree...etc. It is hard not to be bummed out when you have nothing in your house to make it your own.

The dark spots are just my shadow. I am getting excited to get it all done and sit on my big red couch watching my big TV!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Yummy and ewww all in the same post!

We have had Vance Cook and Trevor Crosby staying with us once a week. They are going to electrical school and they are our friends from Brooks and Sean's students. It saves a drive once and week. It has been so fun having them over. They have been very helpful and fun to beat at rook. ( To be fair we have played it way more often). Last week I made Ribs and butterhorns which is Vance's favorite. I am really going to miss them when they resume regular life again.

Now to the ewwww...part. This fan has been driving me crazy. It is so gross. It was like the rest of the house icky. It is finally down. Sean replaced all the lights in the kitchen and they are much better.

This is so nasty. I didn't want to take the time to clean it when it was going to be just thrown away. That is one thing I won't miss.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Frosty Morning

I had to do two post today to break my record of 10 posts for the month. To some of you that isn't much but for me am excited. I am going to try and reach 50 posts for the year! I am getting closer.

My two favorite things, our barn and the carriage. I can't wait to get lots of family pictures this summer in both.

We went out this morning to take some beautiful shots of the snow.

True love

Everywhere we go, our animals follow. They just love spending time with us. London has taught Brigham to sit on her and cuddle. If he keeps getting bigger, London will get squished. He loves playing in the snow.

The snow really shows how much wild life we have in our yard. It is exciting to see all the bunny and deer tracks. They really love our bushes.

Beautiful frost covered trees

Don't be fooled by his darling face! He is a rotten boy. He is constantly biting the cats, not a nibble either. You hear us yelling at him all day from inside to let go of the kitty. He thinks they are his live chew toy that squeeks. I don't think he means it. I don't know if it is something about his breed, but he bites everything right behind the head. Unfortunately, even Blossom. Once she has been out awhile he settles down but when we put her out to go to the bathroom we have to supervise so he doesn't hurt her. He is so big and clumsy. Look at his face and you can't stay mad for long!

I love my tractor. This is just for decoration. In the spring, I want it surrounded with red poppies. Won't that be beautiful with some flowers on the seat as well.

London was home from school today as she doesn't feel well, but she wanted to come for a little picture walk for me. Notice the hat. I finally figured out an awesome pattern and I have been making them like crazy. The flower and the band are interchangable.

The rest of the family. They are such good animals. Our cat is a hussy and pregnant again. Her others aren't even grown yet. I guess we have to get her fixed. As soon as we do she will die. It seems to be a law around here. Anyone want kitties in two months or so?

Hoar frost is amazing! When I was a kid I thought it was a bad word...whore frost. hee hee

It is so nice to see how much Brigham loves London. He knows that is his mommy and he loves her so much. He was so excited that we came out to play with him.

Blossom tried to join in the fun, but it was way too deep for her. When I looked back, there she was, stuck holding her paws up, letting me know she is way too cold. Poor girl! I need to knit her some little booties.

Trying for some amazing shots. I fell short. I need to take a photography class to learn how to get those amazing shots

Shadows and more tracks

This is right out of our deck door from our bedroom. The trees are just full of frost dripping down. So beautiful.

More puppy love and nibbles