Sunday, March 22, 2009

Finally something about Mexico!

My first sunrise!

Well, Mexico was wonderful. I miss the warm weather and the beautiful beaches. I especially miss waking up to the sound of the waves and the heat starting at 6am. I keep coming into my kitchen and waiting for the buffet to magically appear. I can't believe that I am expected to cook and clean. In Mexico my bed was magically made each day and beautiful food awaiting me...all day long!

The main part of my trip was a tour Monday, Wednesday and Friday to all the ancient ruins. It was wonderful because we had an LDS tour guide who spoke from a Book of Mormon view point showing the traditions that we read about. It was truly amazing and beautiful. It was nice being with a large group of people that looked out for me. I only got lost once and it was very scary on my own with no one who could speak English. I ended up crying and was so grateful when they sent out a search party for me as I was really late. Other than that it was an unbelievable experience!

At the airport. This is my awesome cousin Pearl Ann!

The first picture is a baptismal font. The Mayan people are so small! This is us at the foot of a temple. We climbed two of them. It was hard work especially in the Mexican sun! I climbed one of them twice and started up a third time but had to come down as we were leaving. I had to get some exercise somehow!

This is Helaman our tour guide. He was soooo nice!
I don't know if you can click on these to make them larger but this is a Cenote. This was by far my favorite part of the trip! It is this underground water hole with vegetation growing down from the top. It was sooo spectacular! I have never seen any place so beautiful. I was so brave and cliff jumped. It doesn't seem tall but it was a very scary jump and very high. It was so much fun.
I will blog another day just on all the underwater creatures that I saw. I have some awesome videos of sea turtles and stingrays.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sorry I haven't been here!

Hi Guys I don't know about you but I am sick and tired of Winter! I am so sorry that I haven't been here and haven't blogged about Mexico yet. I will soon I promise. I need a little therapy tonight....maybe no one is even checking in on my blog anymore....I have to apologize now for my blue mood.

I don't know if anyone of you have suffered with depression before but I am really down with it right now. I have struggled with it really bad in years past but haven't been on any medication for about 8 years. I have SAD so it especially bad in the winter time. Usually I can cope better in the summer. I am one of these people that like to be happy and try to put on a good face until I come home and crumble. Ever since I have been back from Mexico I haven't really been able to function. I don't know if the warm weather gave me a false hope and now coming home to the reality got me down? I truly don't know. I hear of all of you crafting and sewing and doing all these wonderful things with your kids and I think tomorrow I am going to just snap out of this....tomorrow comes it starts out good and pretty soon I can do nothing but sit and think of all I should do and usually use sleep to forget my problems.

I am struggling to deal with other people, work, talk to my daughter and Sean without being very negative to get a meal on the table is my big task for the day! How do I snap out of this...should I go on medication? I don't know the answer. Sorry