Wednesday, June 12, 2013

More beach days

This is Sean shelling for us.  There was a shelf just out a ways that the shells got stuck on.  He is such a water and beach bum!  We would both love to be close to an ocean.

I love the sand!  So fun to see your footprints!

Beach beauty!

I love this picture!  The ocean is amazing!

Sean found a float in the water he played with that thing for a couple of miles I am sure!  If we weren't on a plane we would have brought it home with our other treasures!

This is the life!  If I were a multimillionaire (I remember thinking a million dollars would be so much but in today's economy it doesn't get you much so I have to be a multimillionaire for my dream life!) (not that I wouldn't love a million dollars!) I would live by the beach and hang out each morning. 

I love the reflections in her glasses!

Our little friend!  He was quick it was a good thing I snapped the picture when I did!

I have a lovely bunch of Coconuts!

These cool chairs were at our resort.  This is first thing in the morning when we went out to beach comb so we didn't really do our hair and get fancied up.  We found a guy selling coconuts.  I am pretty sure it is people who live on the beach.  They just pick the coconuts along the boardwalk.    

They weren't very good!  I was hoping for they would be yummy.  I think they were way to green!  It was still fun to drink out of a coconut!

Look at this cutie!