Friday, August 27, 2010

Amateur Photography

I was having fun with my camera the other day and I think we have some beautiful spots for pictures on the farm. Isn't this a beautiful picture of Amy! I love it, she is so beautiful! I just wish the hot tub was looking better but with the gazibee (my name for the half of a gazebo) and the tree's behind I love it!

Beautiful Maddy

My beautiful girl with the barn behind!

Grinning Jack

This bench is my house warming gift to ME! I love it. It is for going around trees which I have now....yippee!

On Monday, later in the day when we were taking a break from work, we decided to start making a walking path that goes all around my property. We worked like lumberjacks let me tell you, hauling out big dead trees and old pipes and cutting out trees to our heart's content. It is hard to tell in the picture but in an hour we got a great start to our little path. We have one that goes from where Maddie and London are standing to the deer meadow. That is a little meadow in midst of the trees you can tell deer sleep in. Then we started making a path to the back of my property. We didn't make it too far as a huge dead tree was in the way and our lumberjane muscles just weren't enough to move it. We needed a chainsaw (which Sean won't let me run????) I wonder why?

Anyway, I am excited to work on it bit by bit to get ready for our first annual Easter egg hunt at the White house! I am so excited to start some great traditions here.

Here is a bit further along on our path! It feels like BC in there!

WE attempted to take some family pictures....ummm very difficult with 5 kids but they are still beautiful don't you think! Don't you love the gazibee as a background?

attempt # 104

I love this one. Everyone on the tree bench.

This is my antique carriage.

I had a bunch more but I must have forgotten to load them. Anyway, as you can see there are lots of neat places to take pictures so my friends out there that like to fool around with the camera like me...I know who you are... come visit! Bring all the kids and come and see me soon! Maybe this week I will get a bathroom and a kitchen!

Finding a bit of fun

Tyler, Amy and the gang (sounds like a music group) braved the mess and came for a mini vacation visit to Medicine Hat. We worked and we found some fun.

Tyler found this to be fun...those who got shot not so much!? I threatened him enough he didn't get me. He and Sean found it funny to inflict pain on each other and some unlucky kids!

We got the little quad going. Jack couldn't quite get the hang of steering so he had to have some help.

Tyler acting crazy and making everyone run for their

Sean taught them how to start the quad and Adam was able to do it on his own! This little quad was London's since grade doesn't fit her anymore but we keep it around for others to use. It is such a fun little guy. When London first got it she was toodling in our gopher and badger ridden field and flipped it on top of her. She cried and Sean went out and made her get back on even though she didn't want to....well look at her now she is such a good little quadder! She has spent hours on this little guy.

Even the big guys had to try it out!! Both Sean and Tyler couldn't resist. I was sure they were going to blow something up...there are way bigger then what is meant for it!

Look no hands...jack is ridding on his own... until he has to turn. We have a big dent on the front of our car so someone riding the quad hit it....hmmmm

I love the big seat on the back of my quad you can fit quite a few kids on for a leisurely drive. Here is Adam getting Chauffeured around.

Kicking up lots of dust!

Showing off....he was really concerned that I get a picture of his wheelie skills. Way to go honey! (some guys don't ever grow up....I love it he is so fun!)

OK so we did work...we are trying to get rid of some junk so that we can move some of our stuff into it. This shed is filled with tires and chemicals...grrrrr. I wish he would move things out!

The man we bought the house from still hasn't even taken his horses from off the was to be for a couple of weeks a month later they are still here. They are beautiful. I would like some horses but Sean like the iron kind of horse shown above that you just throw in fuel and go. It was a fun couple of days. They got to come and lay on the thick carpet.
We went school shoe shopping with them and they were all trying on shoes and Charlie was hanging out with Sean and started stinking. He looked up to Sean and said..."did you poop? Sean said no did you? Charlie smiled and said no...but he did! That still makes me laugh such a funny little guy. We miss them it was great having them come.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Flooring...Glorious Flooring!!!

First off let me say the pictures are lousy and it is hard to see how fab. my new carpets actually are but my feet can testify that it is soft and lush! It of course will look much better with trim, base boards and doors. I am just saying we still have lots more work but we do HAVE CaRPetS! Yup I am yelling it in my mind

This is such a bad picture but here is my lino! Isn't it purdy?

Our bedroom....sigh I dream of dreaming in it soon!

The hallway that my handy hunky husband and Tyler installed. It took forever and was a royal pain in the butt....yeah it is finished. So are Sean's knee's...finished. He is so tired. He works all morning at his real job then early afternoon comes and works until the wee hours in the morning then it starts again. He is amazing.
We are planning on trying to move our upstairs stuff in tomorrow. Set up beds and as soon as we have a toilet move the weekend ...maybe? London really wants to be in there to start school It isn't so easy without a bathroom or a kitchen but she doesn't care. We love staying at Sean's mom and Dads and have been spoiled rotten (meals all 3 each day Amazing! Sean's mom is a great 10 pounds can confirm that. She has done our laundry and serves us and treats us like gold in every way. Also it is so amazing to visit with them each day. I have come to love them both even more. They are terrific people and we are really thankful that they have opened there home) That being said it is important to have your own stuff and room ect. I think London and Blossom(the dog) are having the hardest time with this unsettled business.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Junk Junk Junk will I be $10,000.00 richer??

I love this picture of Sean modeling all the junk!

Here are some pictures of all the junk that has to be removed by Oct. He has been taking stuff away almost daily but the piles don't seem to be getting smaller. If he doesn't clean it all up I will be 10 thousand dollars richer but work poorer! I hope that he can do this seemingly endless task.

Sean working for the camera. Sean's dad surveying the junk and declaring it all treasure!

This is the one area in the upstairs I haven't cleaned yet. I will be taking it on Monday. I need to prepare for the delivery and installation of my dream kitchen! It is so amazing I can't wait. I hope it translates well in reality as good as it looks on paper. I picked a lovely green. I was going to put a butter yellow and a green living room but I decided it would be too much color in two rooms joined together.

Lane, my cousin, came out for the day yesterday and they went plumbing crazy!! They tore out the rest of everything downstairs and started doing all the plumbing. Unfortunately they didn't get far and he lives in Calgary so Sean is on his own for the rest. Now the crazy guys tore out both toilets! Yup I guess I will really be roughing it to the bushes. Good thing there are trees.

More downstairs destruction.

Bringing in the drywall from outside.

Here are my front gates all painted up. I am giving them to you as a map so you can find my house. They are done and even though the rest of my house is still a disaster I will be sad if you don't come and drop in for a visit! Our new phone number is 403-526-7963. We will be moved in by Friday....I hope. The flooring is going in on Tuesday morning and then we are having help moving our upstairs stuff in on Wednesday. We will get our kitchen sometime the following week so we will be kitchenless. Until there is a bathroom toilet again we won't be moving in.....I am willing to rough it but I draw the line at going outside in the middle of the night! My bladder isn't like it used to be!
Soon my friends, I will be posting some more happy pictures of our progress!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Our Beautiful land!

Taking a break from inside raking up all the mess from the juniper tree's. I just love the barn in the background.

In the kitchen we ripped 2 closet's so that we can put in all the new cabinets!! Which should be done the end of next week!!!! So excited.

Everyone is painting right now. We are trying to be ready for Carpet getting put in at the end of next week. I have Sean doing the ceilings because he is so tall! Talking tall London is now 5'7" I can't believe it!!! Sean measured her the other day without shoes and everything. I am just over 5"5' so now she is way taller than me and still growing!

I tried to show how yellowed the ceiling are but this picture doesn't do it any justice! It is way worse than it shows

This is our outdoor cat names Kitty (we quit naming them because they disappear so often on the farm) She is our favorite friendly cat. We have been letting her in because our new house is overrun with cats! Yup not only was it a huge mess to take on he left like 17 cats to poop and pee under my deck so now lets take a minute to imagine the smell.......mmmm! Well anyway they are all super wild and they hate our kitty and chase her off around the house so we let her come in to eat. Well she ate and then took over Blossoms bed...poor Blossom she didn't know what to do so she just sat there and let her.

As for the cats we are getting rid of them a bit at a time. We have caught a few...with gloves and let me tell you the racket and fight they gave is unforgettable. Sean wouldn't have a hand left if he wasn't wearing gloves! Anyway we gave some to Fajnors who needed farm cats to keep the mice down. We took the meanest one for a real long drive. Some have met a fate that isn't legal so I won't share how. Anyway we have no choice it is over run and they are crazy mean.

Our driveway...nice and long and through the tree's is our place. See all the dead tree's that need to come down one of these days once the house is done.

London and Teesha painting the fence. Tesha is in the back..can you see her? Any way they earned money painting the fence and hauling the junk from the house. They did a great job. This little fence took hours to scrape and then paint. It was pretty rough and the paint soaked right in but the front entrance looks way better now.

Before....The grass was so tall I didn't even realize the fence was off the ground. It was midway up the wagon wheel it looks great!

Yeah!!! Some pretty parts. See the beautiful tree's behind the girls. I love that part of the front I say tree's because there is a ditch that they are growing in about 4 feet down and a stream is running right there down into our coulee. You could soak your feet at my front entrance if you wanted to....we did see 2 snakes there so beware!

Here is a little waterfall. It is coming from the pond creek above. It flows all winter long and is a natural spring. Sean mowed and took away all the tall grass and on a hot afternoon we can sit and cool off. The rocks are really slippery so we need to build a little bench to sit on. I love this! I know it is no amazon waterfall....but it is beautiful and it is ours!

Looking up from down by the waterfall.

Part of our Coulee....the grass is so overgrown you can't see the stream running through. It is so beautiful.