Friday, April 29, 2011

12 Itty Bitty Baby Ducks

Drum roll they are...the 12 newest members of our family! Aren't they so cute. Ducks are so different from chicks. Chicks cower away from the box when we opened it...these guys... you open the box and they all rush over to see you.
Blossom had to be introduced to the new babies. Of course she loves them (to eat I think)!

Have you ever seen anything so darn cute! Seriously, I am just in love!

OK, here is the story. We got the chicks and I was so stressed, studied everything out and was really ready but then they were great! Fairly easy. They knew they were chicks and once we showed them their water they knew what to do. So I was pretty relaxed about the ducks. So I got the pool all ready for them and filled it with wood chips, water and food. We brought them home, put them in the tub and showed them the water and the silly things were just frantic! I don't know how else to say it. They just started chucking in and gobbling the wood chips like food. Immediately this worried me so I started grabbing them out and putting them back in the box. I then ran into the house to read on the Internet what to do for their bedding. Sure enough, it said wood chips are very bad and they will eat them , choke on them and not be able to digest!

Bad new mommy! So we ran to the neighbours to get straw and dumped out all the other bedding. Meanwhile, they had to stay in the box longer under the heat lamp. One little duck really struggled for several hours and we thought for sure it would be dead this morning because it was choking on the wood chips. Couldn't swallow or breath well. We held it forever stroking his neck hoping to help it go down. London suggested we have a family prayer in the coop for him! That must have really helped because he is still with us.

This is the second time around in good bedding now. Sean is dipping their beaks in water. The Internet said to put marbles in the water as they will drown if it is more than 1/4 inch deep. I didn't believe it until I saw them with the other bedding so I put that in now. They really are little babies that don't really know anything.

Awww.... Aren't they so cute! This is little Nash...I think. We bought leg bands in different colors so we can tell who they are. We still haven't put them on yet.

I was shocked that their little feet had nails. I really thought duck feet were just webs. I didn't realize they are just a chicken foot with skin in between!

Love at first sight! For me anyway

I love it when they shake their little tail feathers!

Having a drink! It is so cute when they put their little beaks in the air to gulp it down.

When you talk to them they cock their heads! I love it. If you quack, they all quiet down and listen to you!

I want to bring them into the house so they get to imprint on me more but Sean doesn't like the idea. I am going to bring them in next week and get a picture of them in the tub once they can swim. They would drown right now!

Thursday, April 28, 2011


We went on a road trip while on vacation to Sedona. This is our first view of the red rocks! We were so excited, we pulled over to the side of the road for a pictures! Little did we know how much better it would get. It was a cold day, so it was perfect for our road trip. This is also the day we went to the Wildlife park and got in the it was jam packed full of stuff!

I love the green against the red! It is in a very small area that this rock is concentrated! Next year, if we go, we are going to go stay here for a few days as there is so much to do. We just did a quick drive through as we already had a long day.

I was being a smart alec in this picture! I was trying to get my family to do it but they wouldn't so me and my big butt had the honors! Sadly, I misjudged the size of my bubble butt and actually got some prickles in it! Sean was the only one who volunteered to take them out! lol

Awww....London wanted this picture with her dad and it turned out cute!

I tried to hide or avoid the camera as much as possible! I have put on so much weight this year with stress. I hate to see me in pictures!

Can you see the eagle carved into this rock?

This is a house right beside cathedral rock! It is huge Huge HUGE! I can't believe it. There were a million different stories of who lived there. The guy who invented lasik surgery is who we were told, Sandra Bullock...etc. I don't know who lives there, but I do know they are loaded!

They have built a church in one of the rocks. It is small but beautiful!

Wind swept! I love this picture of the rest of my family but I hate it of me! Nice hair!

The outside of the church

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


What do you think this picture looks like? There is a funny story behind it! London was really sick for the first couple of days of our trip. Which sucked! Poor kid is never sick and she was hit with a terrible cold. Well, we got her some medication... it was NyQuil and she has never had it before. It was on an empty stomach so she was acting a bit loopy! It was so funny. Well, she was on her little trip and she suddenly said that there was something on the window that looked just like the little alien guy...she didn't know his name. Well, we laughed and laughed at her as we thought she was seeing things. The next day, sure enough, when I looked at the window I was shocked to see it does look like Marvin the Martian!

I then remembered how it got there...

I was doing the whole blowy face thing on the car! With my sunscreen and make up this is what it made! Isn't' that funny!

After the accident this is me trying to get rid of my aches and pains...oh vacation I miss you!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Our Little Meep Meep

I went out on the deck to read one afternoon after too much sunshine by the pool when I heard rustling beside me. It sounded big, so I was nervous thinking it was going to be a big lizard when this little guy jumped out of the bush right at my feet!

It is a road runner..a very friendly one at that. I couldn't believe he was right there and right beside me was my camera. I was trying to get a picture of the humming birds. This was even better. I slowly moved to my camera talking softly to him, hoping he wouldn't spook before I could get some pictures of him.

After I got quite a few pictures, I called London out to bring crackers as he seemed interested in us enough to come and get something. Sure enough he came right over and took a cracker. It was so fun. They move so funny! He even talked to us at one point, which is a really funny sound of his beak and tongue flapping together really quickly.

We called him meep meep. We found out he is a meat eater so I think he was really interested in the steaks on the BBQ but he would accept a cracker. He stayed with us about 10 minutes then wandered off. Boy, I am glad it wasn't a lizard that big. I would have really screamed!

The weather has been so beautiful here at home the last couple of days, I am not even missing our vacation days as much!

Sunday, April 24, 2011


One of our favorite things with going to Phoenix is watching our Phoenix suns! We are even designing our bathroom downstairs around them (with Coby Briant's face on the toilet! hee hee..I am serious!) We were down there for 10 days and we were so disappointed that they only had one game when we were there! It was so fun. London sporting her orange shoes just for them!

Posing with some of our favorites.

I have to admit Americans can do sports well. There is palpable feeling of excitement when you get into the stadium. I love it! We got great seats! Our closest yet, row 20 on the floor! It was further up than I imagined. We still didn't need to look at the jumbo tron. We could see their facial expressions and everything with our own eyes. It was awesome! One of these days we are going to get floor seats! We want the players to actually sweat on us!

We got there early to watch the warm ups. They always send out a few rookies and we all crowd around waiting for them to come and sign an autograph if you are lucky! Last year we had Earl Clark put his arm around London which was exciting but he isn't a big player yet. This year we hit the Jackpot!!!

Jared Dudley was on the floor! He is part of the starting line! Woohooo! So exciting! I can't even believe it. He was practicing and the other guy Josh Childress was on the floor. He came over and signed autographs but Jared started to walk out. Lucky for London and all the other fans there she has a very loud mom! I was yelling Jared..Jared please, please come sign an autograph. He shook his head and still was almost off the floor when I threw in Please...come on we are from Canada we love, love, love you and my daughter has been waiting to meet you!!! PLLEEEAASSSEEEE!! He smiled at me and came over and signed hers and a couple others and then left! Phew....I am so glad. He played amazing that night and was a star!

Look at that grin!

There's our main man, Steve Nash! He is so amazing! We love him!

Yup, you are #1!!! The game was so amazing. I was so impressed. We really got a bang for our buck as it went into overtime and of course the Suns won!

Look how good our seats were. I am getting so excited just looking at the pictures again. We have never been a family to watch sports until London started to play BB. Then we went to a Suns game 3 years ago and fell in love, so even now we don't watch every game. Life is too busy but we watch some and just love it! So this is big time exciting for us!

Figuring out how to win it in overtime!

We did it! Dudley was player # 3 and as you can see made 26 points...yippee! It was because he met London!

At the end of the game, the kids can go onto the floor and shoot. I was thinking London might think she is too old for this now but I was wrong...we started to walk out but she mentioned it a couple of times so I knew she wanted to go! Look how tall she is compared to the other kid! Man she should play pro ball! lol

I love this shot. look at the double exposure! I love the way she is getting ready!

UP UP UP....and of course you know what happens next... or did it? I will never tell! She got to touch the ball Nash and the team touched. How awesome is that. It took all my self control to not push my way onto the floor so I could do it too!