Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mini Vacation

Well this is the first year since we have been married that we haven't taken at least a weeks vacation. We love going places and always camp or do some new adventure. Moving in the summer isn't fun! It takes up all you time. I was feeling so stressed we decided to at least try for a mini vacation. So we packed up and went to Couer D'Alene with the Mossey family. We rented a vacation house last minute that was cheaper than it would be for a hotel. VRBO website is amazing. You all have to try it!

The house was two stories. This was the bottom level...much more rustic than the top floor. This ended up being the kids pad! They loved having their own space and we loved them having their own space. It was still really nice. The weird thing about this house was the upstairs and downstairs weren't connected so you had to go out side down the hill to get in.

This is our back yard...a steep hike down and even longer up! It was so beautiful and hot and it was nice to have our own boat launch.

Posing on the pier into the sunshine...lots of squinty eyes. The pier was almost sinking with all of us on and that made Charlie nervous!

There is the house in the back ground. On the last day before we left we tried to pose for pictures.

The gang! It was way too short. It took 8+ hours to get there. We got there early Thursday as we drove part way on Wednesday night. Mosseys got in very late that night. Friday we spent in Silver wood theme park! Very fun! I would go there again. Saturday out in the boat. Both London and I weren't feeling very good so I stayed back and slept in the morning. She was kind of sick the whole vacation. Jack on the way back from Silverwood puked in our car....that was fun! I don't do puke well...ugg. So we spent most of Saturday boating. Sunday was church, walk, supper and games. Then pack up and go on Monday. It was a whirl wind trip. I wish we could have stayed two more days and really enjoyed the lake.

Tyler looks really happy in this picture. I kept wanting more and more pictures and I think he just wanted to pack up and get going! It was a good thing we stayed to help pack up the boat. We drove down to the marina and waited for him to come. He came running down the road because his boat wouldn't we had to take the battery out of his truck and boost it, then drive around again. It was a long morning!

I tried to pile them all up for a creative picture...yeah that didn't work. Dang sun in their eyes!

Waving good-bye!

This was the back yard. It was more mountain like than I imagined it would be. Much like BC very beautiful and full of tree's.

This was an amazing kitchen and I am thinking about kitchens and we are trying to design one for our new house. This stove is amazing!! I think I am going to go with a gas stove top in an island.

More of the inside! Isn't it amazing.

The view from the front window. Much better than a hotel.
It was a wonderful break. Now it is time to get to work on my new place! I am documenting every thing with photos, so get ready!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Helping Hands

We decided because our house wasn't selling to invest a bit more money and put in a fence and re-do the gravel and make our driveway bigger and more even. It was a big job but Sean got right at it and got it helps when you get to drive a big version of your childhood toy! He was so happy in the bobcat he never stopped smiling. I couldn't even tell he was working. It was fun to watch. I don't know how I will fit it in his Christmas stocking but a bobcat is on the top of his list.

Right after we did all this work our place sold! It really helped dress it up!

Alex and some of Jordan Materi's friends.

These next pictures are a sampling to date of all our helpers. I feel so blessed. We had a couple of families come over for family Home Evening to help us take down our pool. We needed a bunch of hands...well as we were preparing the pool to take down it collapsed as is was mostly empty of water and a storm blew in. Well I all heard was screaming from outside I looked our and there was Sean trying to hold up a 30 foot pool by himself. So I ran out to help climbed into the swampy water with cold wind blowing in my good clothes and tried to help. We then screamed until London heard and rushed out to help. Well we ended up getting the pool down by ourselves with out much damage and not to much #@$**# :0).

Anyway all the people came over still and helped us pack and move stuff. We emptied out our garage the back shed which was full of boxes the house which was full of boxes. Then people helped me by packing. I wasn't prepared for the help but I welcomed it.

Dela the supper packer!!! She is amazing! I couldn't have done it with out her. She has shown up with her family many times without asking...just telling. Didn't listen to me and packed everything...she was wise I lived without it. She is the box queen. She literally brought by 90% of my boxes. We would come home and our deck would be full of boxes and we knew she had been by. She has seen some pretty scary corners...and I think she still wants to be my friend....even though I am Dirty!

Amy is so kind as well. Who is busier than her with all her little kids but she has come and helped several times. She is so amazing. I know how to pick by besties don't I!

Tesha and Alex and cousin Susie helped no complaining! At least not what I could hear!

Mike and Adam....I think Mike is supervisor. Adam and Jack were huge helpers. They would have emptied the whole house if I would have let them! is the really supervisor and chief packer!! He packed everything perfectly! He is responsible if any thing breaks! The Fertilizer thingy was full of fertilizer and when he picked it up it rained down on him. ....I will be checking if he grows.

Some great guys that Jordan brought by! How nice! This box was super super heavy.

Packing London's crib...she is how old? It is perfect for grand babies one day. Who says I am a hoarder. I needed Joanne out I would have only half of my things left!

Lot of fun? Tracey bringing the old yucky crib mattress. I threw that out!

Beautiful Maddy was my garbage carrier. She brought it all outside for me.

These are my faithful Visiting Teachers. Stephanie and Marlan are amazing! Amy was here too but I missed getting her picture. These guys came to do service this month instead of a message. Who needs a message when service is given with so much love! We weeded my flower beds or weed beds. I have been so busy I still haven't even got to this one yet...the big one! I wanted it nice for Fajnors and knew I couldn't do it on my own.

Here is the weed pile! Isn't it amazing what 8 hands can do in under 2 hours. Thank you thank you thank you!!

Sabastian and Kimball came to help as well. Sabastian loved playing with Blossem and kitty and got a kick out of watching them play together. They love each other very much.

Brooks has been the most amazing place I have ever lived for helpers. I love so many people hear and will miss everyone so much. You have all been such a blessing to me. I am so so blessed to have you all in my life and my families life. I can't believe how much help we have had. I have many forever friends! I

Run baby Run

Family Fitness. Dinosaur park is so beautiful. It is really hilly though. I did a few runs last year and my time is usually 33 minutes...this year it was 40!! Yikes I really have let myself slip. I have added about 20 pounds and it really makes it harder. I am so sad that I have let my self slip. That is what happens with me and stress. Moving has really threw me off. I am really trying to get back on the wagon.
The run was so beautiful. It was a nice day after a ton of rain the sun actually shone. It was really hilly though and I didn't do enough training. Next year I am challenging myself to do it again and do better. I didn't quite make it to the end. I started sprinting way to soon as this crazy lady beside me started yelling go go go...and despite my better judgement I tried to sprint way to soon and had for walk the last few feet. I thought I was going to throw up....I am so embarrassed. I finished though even though the paramedics came over to offer me oxygen. I told them no but they continued to hover. This is one of my most embarrassing moments!

Dela ran with the girls. She is so amazing! Always fun when she shows up.

London and Tesha did the 3km run together. I am so glad that London is so sporty and try's out all these competitions. When I was her age I hated gym class and didn't so anything like this. She also participated in the summer games 2010 in Brooks this year. Receiving 1 gold metal and two bronze. Tesha and Alex Wandler and Emily Johnson and London played 3 on 3 basketball. Unfortunately only one other team registered in their age group. They only played with 2 players but they were really good and it was a good challenge for them. They forfeited the second game because they were into other sports that day as well. Then for the 3rd game they were over 15 minutes late and it is only a half hour game so our girls automatically won gold. They wouldn't even play the game then because they were ticked. So we sat there all afternoon....waiting...not playing and I could have been packing!
Her other medals are in Swimming. She is an amazing swimmer and has done really well. I did a 20 km bike which was really hard but good for me and got bronze (only 3 entered in my age group...but I am still bragging and not telling everyone that!) Also Sean and I entered Crib...yup Crib. It was so fun. It was a much younger crowd than I thought. Some how I won bronze in that as well....and yes more than three entered!

Me and my honey. Another good sport. He did amazing! He doesn't run much but has the competition bug obviously as he ran about 32minutes! Didn't stop. Almost killed him the next day he could barely hero!

This is Janet Perkins and Terrie Hager. They are my gym buddies. I just love them. We saw each other at the gym each day for a couple of years. We started working out together maybe a year ago. It has been so much fun. They have really been good friends. We started doing birthday lunches. They taught me how to do my first quilt! Amazing friends I am so lucky I am really going to miss our daily visits...hmmmm I mean work outs.

I love this picture! This is how much fun we have every day! Some days there is way more laughing and chatting going on than weight lifting!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Today I was so inspired by Kathy Tanner's blog book. I have done nothing but talk about it since I have seen it. She got her whole blog from the last two years printed out and it was beautiful! I am going to try and blog more so that I have such a great journal to hand down.

I set a goal this year to do 40 blog posts and I see that I am way behind. So I am going to blog more and do it in a journal scrapbook formula. It may be boring to some but my family will one day love it!

Today was a wonderful day in Primary. The kids were kind of crazy and wiggly but it was still fun. Joanne (the Primary President and my organized friend) at the end of primary had me come up. I wasn't expecting it at all so I wasn't prepared. She handed me the most beautiful gift. A book that the kids wrote in and drew pictures for me. Of course I cried. I love those primary kids so much. Heavenly Father knows me so well. I am often sad that although I have a perfect beautiful daughter I would have liked many more children, so because that wouldn't work he put me in primary. The children fill my Sundays so full of love that I am good until the next week.

The book had many kind things written and I will cherish it always. I still remember one of my Primary choristers as a child. Her name was Sister Stanek and she was so wonderful. I just remember how much she loved music and how great she thought we were. I am so grateful for the Gospel that gives us opportunities to serve. Some callings are tough and stretch us and make us grow. Others, like this one I have been blessed to have, fill you and make you full. How blessed am I.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bundles of Fun and front door treats!

These are our little kitties born out on the farm. Momma kitty (she has no name sadly as they disappear so quickly so we call her kitty) gave birth in the back barn in a grass pile! We kept searching everyday for them and finally found them. Each day we would traipse out to see them. They are so fun. This little guy got bit by something and his paw swelled up 3 times bigger than his other arm. We thought for a while we would lose him. We poured peroxide on each day and nursed him back to health.

This is when they are still new. I was worried something would eat them back there so we moved them onto the deck so we could keep and eye on them.

Then the trouble started. As it warmed and they grew I brought home plants and filled my deck with pots. They thought I was bringing this beautiful Forest of flowers just for them.
They ruined them quicker than I could plant them. Plus they would climb up and sit in my pots! How could I get mad at there little faces

We use to have 3 like this little guy but during a rainstorm and lousy weather he fell off the deck and froze to death....sigh the life of a farm cat.

Then the surprises started to show up every...yup Every day. I had a new gopher right in front of the door and 4 little kitties gnawing on it! Yuck but good kitties. You had to be careful rushing out the door not to step on something gross!

They played and played in these little boots! So cute! then comes nap time.

Another treat left...notice the head!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Barking, Insomnia and deep thoughts...oh my

Well I warn you now this post isn't going to be uplifting. It is a good thing this blog isn't widely read especially now that it is summer. I am up again it is almost 2am and I can't sleep. The story of my life the last couple of weeks. Stress does this to me. I remember when we bought our first house in 1996 and paid 47,000.00 for it I thought I would die! Now flash ahead a few short years and the prices of houses have raised significantly but the stress is the same.

I love the talk by President Holland that he gave at the last conference about the young man that turned out to be him that struggled with a broken down car, broke thinking he would never get his family where he needed to go. How he saw him now in his minds eye and wish he could tell him what he knows now...that all would be well that he would make it through the tough times. I wish for just a moment I could flash ahead to see that all will be alright with my family, our move, London's new school and the house we bought. I can't help but worry.

This is such a big move for London. My heart really goes out to her. She isn't a kid that cries a lot but there have been many tears about this move. Nothing makes a mother sadder than to see her child suffering. Grade 9 is a tough time to move. I pray that the Lord will bless her and help her to grow from this and be a ever better person. She is such a beautiful girl, I am so blessed to be her mother.

We had such an amazing experience when we moved to Brooks we knew it was what we were suppose to do. Now 6 years later we are moving back with heavy hearts. I never thought we would love it here so much. We have such a wonderful ward I love them and will miss them. I have loved working in all my callings especially Seminary and the primary. I will miss seeing those kids grow up. I worry that I didn't do enough...I didn't make a difference....I will be forgotten.

I warned you this would be a downer. I am sitting here with tears streaming down my face I am so sad. I hope that I can become a better person and try to serve others better and make a bigger difference where I am going.

The house we bought is a huge huge Huge mess and it is going to be a lot of work but I am sure that it will be beautiful in the end. We have our own coulee and little creek 20 acres and trees! I have missed tree's. I will miss my little tin house on the prairie it has been filled with love. Brooks has helped me focus more on what really matters. The people here helped me through my Cancer and helped me raise my daughter.

Well all this started because the neighbors dog wouldn't stop barking! I feel a bit better so I am going to try again to sleep. If you are reading this thank you for helped.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Paintball fun?

We are tougher than we look!

We Went Paintballing with my brother and his family over Easter this year. It was the first time London and I went paintballing so I was looking forward to it! Have you ever gone? OUCH! I, of course was fooling around during the instructions not listening (a.d.d. much) and so when I went in I was so excited. I pulled off about 3 shots and then was pinged in my leg, then knee then back and shoulder....why so many times. I couldn't figure out how to quit...and say I was hit so I stood up and everyone kept shooting. It HURT!!!! It really hurt it must have stung for 10 minutes.

I was thinking this was a big waste of money as I wasn't going to play anymore. It ended up being better outside. The wind slowed them down and I got better at hiding. I don't think I would do it again. I had a good time but now I can say I have done it. I don't get the draw of crawling around and shooting each other. Sean loved it and has done it many times. London was half and half. All in all it was fun hunting down family members and inflicting pain ;0)

London's first hit was on her neck...Yikes! We teased her for days as it changed different colors that it was a hickey! She almost quit after the first hit but she kept going like a trooper!

They called me Vance....because that is what my coverall said! Thanks to a donation from Vance Cook ages ago I finally made use of them. Now I totally love coveralls...I think they are amazing!

A family that shoots together stays together

**** Just a note. It is 3am I went to sleep at midnight woke up just after 1 and couldn't sleep. I haven't slept for days because of the stress of trying to move and find a house in 25 days! So the good thing is I did 3 posts tonight so you need to go to the older posts to hear all about my bread and basketball news!