Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Halloween Costumes

Sean had to dress up for Cubs this year.  We found this awesome hair at a costume shop!  It is so cute.  I think he looked great!

London was little red riding hood!  She looked so pretty

We have a tradition that everyone has to "practice" trick or treating on our door.  They got some pretty awesome treats!

Sean is wearing the hat he wore for the spook house with his chainsaw!  He was after London's chocolate bar.

We rented a costume for Samantha She was the Egyptian Cleopatra.  The black cats were perfect props!

London with the big bad wolf!

London didn't want to go trick or treating as she is too old.  But I made her go to a few houses down at grandma and grandpa's house.  Sam went into town to trick or treat with her friend.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Haunted House 2011

First off I have to tell you this has been a pain to get this entry uploaded!  I have tried for a week and for some reason it wouldn't upload more than a picture or two at a time and would freeze up!  Hooray I finally got all the pictures I wanted! 

Welcome to the start of our spook house.  We have an old barn out in our back field.  They got a CRAZY fast jerky ride in the back of our truck out to the middle of the field!  It was crazy fun. Our friend Craig drove.  We just put some bales in the back of the truck and away we went!  The walked up through the graveyard first.

We had a bunch of old farm equipment covered in webs and had dolls, head and body parts speared on the points!  Poor dolls. We collected a bunch at garage sales and second hand stores!  I felt so bad dismembering them and covering them with blood!

Unfortunately I got so busy with the kids and getting everyone organized I don't have very many pictures of the inside and the ones I took the flash made it look bright!  It was very dark with very little lighting so that made it creepy.  The wind was blowing through the holes in the old building so it made things rustle inside.  We had curtains hanging everywhere from the top down to make rooms with theme's in each one.  It was very scary.  I hated being out there in the day time even by my self!
The spook house to a long time to make but the most amazing part the icing on the cake was our actors!  They were so amazing.  Way more that I even expected.  This is Ben and Erin.  They are newly married and agreed to be our haunted corpse bride and husband.  We found an old wedding dress at the Salvation Army that was perfectly creepy.  This is them before we splattered them with blood.

This is the entrance going in.  Remember it is pitch black with only strobe lights going.  See the holes?  Well no one else could.  That is were Sean reached through and grabbed people as then went by.  We mad it really narrow here so they couldn't get away.

This is a picture of our lunatic!  Kenzie did such an amazing job!  She was jumping around everywhere growling at people!
Dave was our Mad scientist!  He had a different name for himself for every group that came through.  He was so good at getting people to touch the gross stuff!
Table full of ewwy gooey gross stuff!  It was very dark except for the orange lights.  The flash ruined it but you can see the gross stuff better!  We found that hawk in a dumpster by the church so he was a great addition!
This is my amazing father!  He did so good out there.  He was what invited the people in.  He screamed like I never knew he could then acted like a crazy man, warning people not to go in and what to watch out for!

This is a picture of my Nephews and my Brother Micki.  I love the look of terror on Matt's face!  They came all the way from Cardston to help out and go through it!  It was so nice to have them.  Nadine helped with the food and Micki and the boys kept the fire going.

This is Vance...that is what the coveralls said.  He was so creepy in the strobe light just hanging there!
Uncle Mac was in the corner in the dark until he stood up and came at you with a saw!  Eek that was the torture room.  Notice the finger on the table?
Take a good look this is Nina and after this spook house you don't want her taking care of your children!  Lol.  Just joking, she did a great job in the room of beheaded dolls.  She sang rock a bye baby and then screamed how much she hates children!  Look at that look!

This is the butcher shop!  We had a sign that invited people to take a gum ball.  Then Jon would pop out his hand and grab them!  We had all sorts of human parts for sale!.  Poor Jon is a really tall big guy and he had to lay under this table for hours.  He did a great job scaring people.
Kenzie again being a lunatic!  So scary.  She put the blood in her mouth then spit it all out so it dribbled down her chin.  She was so good!

This was the last room.  It was called heart break hotel!  I found a sign at a garage sale that said that so it was perfect!  Erin and Ben were so good.  Ben wandered all around the whole spook house scaring people.

 I missed a picture of Brad he was a scary zombie guy too.  Robert was hidden in the tall grass in the field and would scare people as they were walking back.  Also Sean was hidden with a chain saw and would jump out at people at the end too.
It was such a great night.  The poor actors were frozen by the end of 2.5 hours.  I couldn't believe how many people came out.  We hoped for at least 30 we ended up with over 100 people  Out yard was filled with vehicles.  They waited in the shop.  We had filled it with chairs and Vern Hyde entertained everyone with funny (scary) stories.  He was so great.  It turned out great.  We had lots of helpers with food and Jodi sat in the field freezing directing traffic.  We had hot dogs and hot chocolate by the fire.  The weather was perfect!  It was so fun.  Thanks to everyone who came and helped.  WE are already planning a scarier bigger one for next year!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Start of the Spook House

First order of business is getting hay bales for walls. We need to feed out animals this winter so we ordered a bunch of bales.

Sean is the muscle behind this spook house.  Those bales were heavy.  London and Sean did the most work but I also hauled quite a few.

 This is the old barn at the back of our property!  It is creepy all by it self!  It was the perfect place to have our creepy house.

We used the bales to make walls and a maze to walk through.  It was several different rooms.

It turned out so good.  I will give more pictures tomorrow of the finished project!