Friday, June 5, 2009

Showing off!

May and June are such busy months as we all add gardening to our already long list of daily chores. Gardening is my favorite part of spring/summer I just wish I had more time. Why is it that weeds grow 3x faster than anything else?

When we were in Utah we found this awesome planter bike thingy. I have wanted one forever but they are like over $300 here. Well lucky for me we brought the truck and I was able to convince Sean it was a necessity. We found it for half that price Yippee! So here are some of my planters I wanted to show off. I hope they flourish!


Stephanie said...

I LOVE that bike - definitely worth it!! Your plants look really good. Those weeds are out to get us I know it BUT doesn't it look soooo great when its weeded?!

Joanne said...

you deserve to show off- that is beautiful and will be fabulouso once the weeds are eradicated ( will there ever be a day? )congrats on your way fun purchase.

Kathy T. said...

It looks AMAZING! I also love the bike thingy and also the wood chair with the flower pot in the seat!

Good luck tomarrow!

Randa said...

Totally love them! I see you totally won with creating planters for the side baskets. Mad skills! Gorgeous!