Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Hunk of Burning Love!

14 Years baby! Happy Anniversary, it has truly been a wild ride.

My Handsome manly man taught me how to love quading!

Not so manly here....Stealing my clothes. We don't talk about this day. If you don't know about it. Don't ask, I do have video that I could add from the ward talent night!

You are always such a good sport..Honey bunny

I knew your family traditions were weird! My little pillow head.
You are such a good example to your daughter (usually this picture isn't a great example :0). She wants to be just like you!

This Antique carnival machine said we kissed like a cold clammy couple! What does it know. You still make my blood pressure raise each time you kiss me!
I love you babe, I am the luckiest girl in the world!


Joanne said...

you did get a good'un !!!a crazy one nonetheless but a good'un. love the pillow head!!! happy anniversary guys.

Stephanie said...

GREAT pictures!! Happy Anniversary!

Randa said...

Congrats you crazy love birds!! Those are definately some classic pictures =)

The Gilmours said... sweet. I'm trying to think, if you were to make those pic into a slide show what song it could go with...maybe wild thing...but since it's your anniversary maybe, mmm groovy kind of love? What do you think? Congrats on 14 years! You guys are awesome together!

rosecoloredglasses said...

hahaha not sure i think hes a hunk of burnin love though....especially in your tights and shirt,,,aahhhh but he would look so much better in them now 19 pounds lighter.,...dont tell him that im afraid he will wear them in public again...hahah congrats!!!luv you guys

Stacey said...

Wow. That picture of Sean wearing your work-out clothes left me speechless. That's awesome!
You two are a really cute couple but you already know that. ;)

Nancy said...

Congrats, 14 years and you still got the heat, that's awesome!!!