Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Meet Morris

As usual I didn't load the images right. The bottom one should be first. Oh well. This is our new addition to our family. Sean found London her first car...to be. He got this cute little car for nothing we just had to haul it home. London and Sean are going to work on restoring it and making it her own. It will be one of her 10 hour YW projects that will take 100's of hours to do!

It was a really fun day...mostly

If you look closely at this picture you will see Sean yelling at me to turn the wheel..The tires were flat so it was hard to get it off the trailer.

Tesaha was there for the fun!

Yup we are true hillbillies now! I love this picture. I am still in my Jammie's! Our neighbour lent us his tractor and I wanted to go along for the ride. Even Blossom was into it!

One day in a couple of years I will have the after picture of this little Morris! London wanted to paint in polka dots...now I think she will settle for seat covers instead.


Joanne said...

that is soooooo cool! i love the hillbilly look. and of course polka dots all the way baby!

Krymsen said...

I love Morris! I hope she chooses red for the body color!

rosecoloredglasses said...

im sorry kimara,,,,i have to admit i have not been reading your blog...simply because i have not blogged forever and never seem to think of going to the site....but you are truly an inspiration in many ways.....no wonder your so pooped all the time between hosting parties and crafting and quilting and restoring vehicles and renovating houses and so on and so on.....im amazed you find time to blog....which is a better reason for me to perhaps drop aline onmy blog once in awhile....i luv your blogs they make me smile at how enthusiastic you are about what you do....i wish i could do half the things you do!!!Luv you and i promise to be a better friend and at least read you blogs and perhaps a visit would be in order when the girls get back from b.c xoxoxox

Stephanie said...

SO FUN!! Lucky London... can't wait to see what kind of makeover Morris gets!

Randa said...

Perfect for a first car! She was so excited when you guys got it. Which of course means - you win! =)