Friday, October 8, 2010

Fall Fabulousness!

This has got to be the worst spring/summer and even early fall ever! I have grown web feet it has been so cold and rainy! Well I have to say the last couple of weeks have been beautiful! I have enjoyed myself so much. On Sunday we went for a walk down to Echo-dale and took some family pictures. I love Fall! It is my favorite season...crunching leaves, beautiful colors and yummy pumpkin and spicy recipes.

Poor Blossom we covered her with leaves and made her sit forever to get a good picture! You can tell she was bored...places to go things to sniff.

London wants to be a photographer and had us throwing leaves and capturing pictures

She also likes butt pictures!
Happy Fall everyone!


Kathy T. said...

Great pictures - I especially love the one of you throwing the leaves - very cool!

Anonymous said...

I love your new posts. Nice pics and what a beautiful tribute to Sean. I've got your blog on my i phone now so I can see it easier. Love ya! See ya in a couple hours. Amy

Steph said...

i too am a huge fan of butt pictures ;)
happy fall!!

Anonymous said...

wonderful pictures!!! love tam

Stacey said...

I love the pictures London wanted to take of you guys throwing leaves in the air. FUN!