Saturday, January 21, 2012

Locks of Love

London decided a few weeks ago that she wanted to get all her hair cut and donate it to Cancer patients for wigs.  I thought it may pass but as time went on she was more determined than ever.  I have to admit I was filled with fear.  I love her long hair and the last time it was really short was when she was little and cut it herself.  She had little to no hair until she was two so I have always been anxious about her hair.
I called and got it right away with someone she likes so off we went.  This is one last look at her ponytail!  Look how long it is.
Still trying to figure out what style to do.  I was under the impression that it would be shoulder length he was just eyeballing it so I got out my tape measure and let him know it could be 8-10 inches.  I was encouraging to go with the eight!  I watched him measure it out and it was like 18...I was like move it down.  Anyway yes I was a hovering mother!  Well he has decided for longer in his mind I guess. 

I missed the first cut this was the second one...I am thinking wow that's not so bad.  It won't be shoulder length though...each ponytail he cut got shorter and shorter!  He measured the bottom one only.  I was freaking out at this point but he was in speed mode and didn't listen and just kept cutting.
The picture below is where I had to go as I was hyperventilating.  He cut the side pony tail and yikes some pieces were only a few inches long!  I was so freaking out but I didn't want London to freak out so I actually left the salon and walked around outside.  Called Sean yelled and cried a bit.  Then came back in.  Honestly I know it is silly, it is only hair but she is at a crucial part in her life.  So I was worried she would cry, freak and go into a depressed state.
She loves it!  She was happy and excited.  I guess I just described how I would react not here.!

 I am so proud of her!!  I know I couldn't have done it.

 Look how cute!  Doesn't it look like Alice Cullen from Twilight?

VICTORY!  This is for all those that suffer.  I had cancer.  Her uncle right now has just been diagnosed with Cancer.  My Aunt Carole died from Cancer, my dad has had skin cancer....the list goes on.  I hope someone gets a great wig from this.  London has really thick great hair.

I love this picture of her below.  Confident and strong.  She really is growing up on me.  It is so exciting and scary all wrapped up in one bundle!  I love you Kiddo!


boysmum2 said...

She is awesome, you are very brave, well done to both of you. I love the new look for the blog, looks great. Happy New Year and wishes for 2012, missed out on the ornament swap, didn't even see the post until now, oh well they look so cute, have to keep watch next Christmas

Jocelyn said...

I love this! She is so courageous! She looks amazing.

Kathy T. said...

I would take a wig from London! She does look like Alice! So cute - so grown up.

Joanne said...!!!! i am totally lovin' the new do and i'm sure the boys will too wink wink.

Anonymous said...

I love the haircut! She would look gorgeous no matter what hairstyle she wears! What a great kid!


Stacey said...

I want to see a picture of her hair now! London is awesome...takes after her Mommy.

Anonymous said...

Hooo it look so good❕im sory i just cant find anther words because my english is sooo bad❕. You relly brave and cute and this haircut look soo pretey on you

Janet Perkins said...

I love the fact she did this. Will she ever get to see the person who gets her hair? She looks beautiful whether her hair is short or long. Way to go London.