Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It is hard to say goodbye

Well we had Reeko our baby skunk in our house for a few days.  He mostly lived outside but we would bring him in for visits.  We introduced him to our other black and white bundle Blossom.  She loves babies and Reeko was no different.  Here she is sniffing and checking him out.
She cuddled up with him and tried to mother him.  Reeko loved it!

Sam got a bit of time with Reeko but London definitely claimed him as her own.

Reeko got lots of love and kisses.  Every time I looked London was packing him around.  She loved him.  We made her wear a glove in case he bit but he never even tried. 

This is my favorite picture.  Look at the love between them!  Reeko's face is so cute, he is even smiling at his new momma!
London doing her two favorite things. 

We were planing on keeping him.  We called all the vets and none of them would remove his scent glands for us.  They couldn't as we found out it was illegal for us to keep him.  I called fish and wildlife and they said the same thing.  So now we were in a bind.  We loved him and he was so loving we weren't worried about that but when the dogs came around he may be startled and then spray us!!  
I called the Gazoo and they said that they would take him and raise him.  So that was the plan.  We were sad that he was going to have to go.  Then Sean and London were out in the yard and two other baby skunks came trotting out right at Sean.  They must have smelled Reeko so just as he went to pick on up our dog Moses came around the corner and that little skunk turned and sprayed!  Sean got it all over his hand and boy did he stink..and everything around.  So long story short we now had 3 baby skunks and felt that they may be OK if we sent them out together.
We went back to the place that momma was let out.  There was water and lots of protection.  It still was so hard saying goodbye.  London and I cried our eyes out (of course!)
If you look close at the above picture London has a big tear going down her cheek.  Man I wish we could have kept him.  He was so happy seeing his brother and sister again and trotted off never looking back!  We miss you Reeko and hope you survived!


Janet said...

I can relate to that. He was so cute. Hope he does well in the wild.

plumbing said...

Kids actually love to see animals weather exotic or not. They just want to see something uncommon and experience new things.