Wednesday, June 12, 2013

More beach days

This is Sean shelling for us.  There was a shelf just out a ways that the shells got stuck on.  He is such a water and beach bum!  We would both love to be close to an ocean.

I love the sand!  So fun to see your footprints!

Beach beauty!

I love this picture!  The ocean is amazing!

Sean found a float in the water he played with that thing for a couple of miles I am sure!  If we weren't on a plane we would have brought it home with our other treasures!

This is the life!  If I were a multimillionaire (I remember thinking a million dollars would be so much but in today's economy it doesn't get you much so I have to be a multimillionaire for my dream life!) (not that I wouldn't love a million dollars!) I would live by the beach and hang out each morning. 

I love the reflections in her glasses!

Our little friend!  He was quick it was a good thing I snapped the picture when I did!

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Lisa C said...

Looks like so much fun - so jealous!