Sunday, January 19, 2014

Is that a goat in my kitchen?

I can't think of a more fun way to start the New Year out than with this post!  We had a loss in our family in December. Millie, one of our goats, passed away.  I was in the hospital during most of the month of December so I never saw her sick or was around to see her die, so it seems almost unreal to me.  Pita and Millie were the best of friends and they liked us, but they liked each other better.  With the loss of Millie, poor Pita has been so lonely.  I was unable to go see her for a couple weeks between hospital and recovery.  
On the 15 of January, I had to run home quick in between classes as I had forgotten something.  When I arrived home, I went to the shop first to grab something.  I could hear Pita over by Grandpa's house (the opposite side of where she should be!) I called her and she came right over.  I had an arm load of stuff so I opened the house door and told the animals I would be right back.  I got into the house to the table and put my stuff down.  When I turned around I ran smack dab into Pita!  She looked at me and cried.....MAAAA!

I was so shocked!  She has never ever followed me like that.  She was so quiet I didn't even hear her come in!  I yelled at her to get out and so she turned around and walked back out!

 These pictures are a fraud!  I didn't think to grab my camera when she was in the house so the next day I came home early and thought I would see if she would come in again.  She had no qualms, just stepped right in!  This time I had the camera ready.  I watched her back end closely in case she decided to go!  I love that she has her tongue out. That is her, mid-beller!

She came up the stairs with no problem.  She kind of leaps down the stairs going out.

She saw my fake flowers on top of the table and wanted to get them.  She got on her hind legs and looked at it longingly!  So I gave her heck before she jumped on the table.  She then proceeded to try to eat my table cloth! lol  She started eyeing up my couch so I decided I better shoo her out! I love my little farm and my animals.  


Jocelyn said...

So cute. She was being so obedient. Hope you are feeling well.

Kathy T. said...