Monday, April 6, 2009

Water anyone? Beware!

Warning content of this blog is disturbing and very gross.....turn back well you can!

Well as you know I am formally a city dweller everything is usually great. Each spring sometimes your water tastes funny no big deal right? Well in January my water started to smell really, I mean REALLY Nasty! So being the good wife I am I started nagging about it. So Sean bought this stuff that is suppose to help with the smell.
I need to back track for a minute...we have a dug out that is frozen over right now so the lovely weeds that have increased each year are rotting underneath creating a yucky smell. Now back to my story...smell, nagging Sean's solution.

Well he poured in this stuff in our still well and voila! I turned on the tap no problem brown..I mean brown water. Yuck!
Sean assured us that this would pass in a couple of days. Two weeks later.....It is still brown. It stained everything so I had to go to the laundry mat as it ruined my clothes (I know because I did a load of whites!) Sean finally put bleach in....lot of nagging on my part. Then it smelled like bleach but white at least. Anyway.....I am still married and Sean is still walking upright. I think I deserve a metal for putting up with some country life problems. I haven't spoken about it until now as it is was to painful. Now I am recording it so I will never forget it!!!
P.S. I am sorry for the toilet picture...nothing in it but my lovely water.
Well it is safe to come over again as the water problem seems to be fixed for now.


Stephanie said...

WIERD!!!!! And ya, gross. Women were born with the nagging trait for a reason. Way to be persistent.
That is only one of the few reasons why sometimes I crave "city life" over the country... Although my brown toilet water usually is due to boys not flushing! HAHAHAHA
Happy to hear all is well - finally!

Anonymous said...

What I didn't tell you was that the smell actually came from the old horse (nag?) I found frozen in the ice. I wonder if that's where the word comes from? JK!.


Joanne said...

GROOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. It's fun to blog about it and read about it in a few months and remember with fondness the nagging! I love it. ( the nagging to get stuff done- not the brown poop water!!!)

rosecoloredglasses said...

hahahahah well sorry kimara...but this did give me a laugh......this reminds me of living on our acreage in suffield..only our water was smelly and bright yellow!!aahhhh country living....

broberts said...

wow...that is quite the story auntie kim!!! i grew up in the country and NEVER had anything close to that happen?! you're just special i guess!