Monday, May 11, 2009

The wind Huffed and Puffed!

I finally blew my top!! While we were on holiday's in Phoenix/Salt Lake we got a phone call from my neighbour. "I don't know how to tell you this but your roof on your house just blew off" WHAT??? I was hoping it was the wrong number! I guess we had some strange squall that got under the top of the trailer and just pulled! This news isn't something you ever want to hear ( I am pretty sure you are safe...I don't think people hear this often!)

I have been embarrassed to show these pictures but I showed you my toilet water I go!
Now we are just waiting on insurance. I have a lovely blue tarp on top now! Don't be jealous I know that you want a blue tarp as well. Not all of us can be so blessed. All joking aside it has been a blessing more evidence of the Lords tender mercies. In the end we will have a way better roof that is peaked so Heavenly Father is improving for us which will help when we try to sell this summer! So something that looks bad actually is turning into a blessing. God is good to us.


Kristen said...

Don't you love how that happens! Good for you for making your lemons into lemonade. What a horrible thing to hear on your vacation! I'm sure that it'll look completely fabulous once you are done.

Stephanie said...

That is not what I would like to come home to - at all! But good for you for seeing the silver lining.
Can't wait to see the new roof!

Joanne said...

wowsers. you sure have a good attitude about it but if it keeps you here in our neck of the woods then I say.......keep the tarp!!! * just joking*

mishel said...

Ummm. YIKES! But I do love those blessings in disguise moments, that remiind us that He knows all.

Randa said...

Despite my excessive envy about the blue tarp i dont think it would be a blessing in disguise right now for us since we just had ours redone so im not gonna covet! The hailstorm on the other hand - totally got me out of a hidious yellow into awesome green! That is totally a classic picture though!!

Christina said...

Happy Birthday! sounds like you were treated like royalty. We spent Mother's day on the reservation, scared the heck out of my mom on Saturday night she came home and we jumped out and surprised her. She asked how you were and I told her we had a fabulous time.

That blows about your roof! Literally apparently, so is it being fixed asap and were there other local homes that were affected?

The pool is 84 degrees today out side was about 100, Kyle FINALLY got his car yesterday, hoooooray for my team.

Did you find any cool food storage stuff in SLC?

i am trying not to freak out on kaden who seems to have deleted all the photos for the past two months so he could get some more skateboard pic ARGHHH Please email some pics of your trip, I know you got at least one of us at Montazuma Castle.

Send Love to London, she is so wonderful, glad she has her SUNS shrine. Hope you had a great b'day and know how loved and adored you are

rosecoloredglasses said...

ohhhh man...selling this summer???BOO>>>>ahhh well i guess i was living in a dreamworld hoping you had completely forgotten sean was transfered....sure will miss you all when that time does come:( seeya soon....xo

The Gilmours said...

It's nice when the Lord blesses us in unexpected ways.

Eva Aurora said...

I've nearly started fires in the kitchen, we've had five broken bones with six kids, and once we found a nest of ants next to my side of the bed. But we've never had the roof blow off! I'm so sorry. I'm glad you're trying to look at the bright side. And with a blue tarp, at least it's like looking at the sky, right?