Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saturday is a special day!

OK so I have been milking the whole "it is my birthday" thing a lot. It is tomorrow but so is mothers day so I figure I should get the whole weekend right? I can feel you all nodding in agreement with me! AMEN SISTER! Well yesterday we went with our good friends the Mosseys to Medicine Hat for a movie (Star Trek...who's birthday was it..I voted for seeing Hugh Jackman shirtless..which isn't a sin on your birthday but unfortunately Tyler had just seen it so I settled for the guys pick which I have to admit was very good!) Then we went to Beefeater for my favorite prime rib...yummy!!!! Again it is my birthday and I think I can splurge..I even had popcorn at the movie!!! I know live dangerously!

Then this morning I took up my scepter and wished that my house would be clean for my birthday with out me doing it. London was up and working her little fingers to the bone whilst I laid about. She now claims to know how Cinderella felt...WHAT DOES THAT MAKE ME??

Anyway then I said I would like to do my 25km bike today but not alone so they split it. London biked in with me to the church where Sean met us and then she watched a movie in the truck while Sean proceeded to kick my butt all the way home. I mean kick it! He biked really hard and I had to really push to keep up. He broke a major sweat on me!!! I didn't think he had it in him..really I didn't I have been training since January and he has done nothing and yet, he showed super strength. NOT FAIR! I am still super proud of both of them. 12km is a long way. I know tomorrow morning when he gets up for his meetings I will have my revenge when I hear him groan and need assistance to get out of bed! HAAHAHAHHHA HHHAHHHHAH! (evil laugh I don't know how to spell it!)

All of this and it isn't even my birthday yet :0) I think I will have my foot massage Next! Yippee I would really love birthdays if only I didn't get older with it as well :0(


Anonymous said...

Does that mean I have to touch your feet?


Kristen said...

Sounds fabulous!! I am still quite surprised that ANYONE can bike that far without dying...I know, I'm totally pathetic. You are AMAZING! I hope you have a fabulous birthday. Enjoy tomorrow, you deserve it!

Lisa C said...

Happy Birthday tommorrow! (I think the birthday weekend idea is spectacular! I'm gonna steal that for next year, okay?)

Stephanie said...

Well I think you are looking quite amazing for 29.. I wished I aged that well!!!
Enjoy your bday weekend. Next time invite me for tasty dinners! YUM!

Randa said...

Happy birthday!!! I think to celebrate i will wear some more of your gorgeous clothes today! Now about the birthday weekend. Slightly dissapointed. I declare the entire MONTH of september 'my birthday' - it only comes ONCE A YEAR! But then i guess i also celebrate valentines day and my anniversary all of february and well since i buy myself presents for vances birthday - april and well i really should get something for birthing my two little punks so march and well double up on april and christmas - all of december. I really do have a great system going =).