Monday, July 11, 2011

Crazy life!

Just a quick note to let you know I am here! This last month has been crazy! I was privileged to work at quest with the most amazing people ever but If you have worked on Quest before you know it eats up every minute of your life. In the end it is all worth it but it has been tiring.

That and the day we got home from quest Samantha moved in. It has been a week today and it has been great....mostly. It is an adjustment to have a bouncy hyper overly distracted talkative 12 year old come into your life. It make it interesting for sure! She is a beautiful girl and loves the animals and seems to be fitting in OK. London is struggling a bit this week....feeling a little pushed aside and maybe forgotten in all the hoopla of getting Sam included into our family. Oh..the green eyed monster rears its head on both sides. I pray for wisdom and help to smooth it all out.

How do you spread the love evenly all you mother of many? How do you insure all needs are met and all feel very special? This is a call for help and advice.


Kathy T. said...

We do special one-on-ones. Chelsea and I have one planned where she's taking me to Tim Hortons. Nothing really big - just time to spend alone. You could even set it up so London and Sam spend time alone together doing something they both like. (mall, nails, ice cream) Sounds like things are going well though. Balancing is always a challenge. Best of luck.

Joanne said...

i think.... don't try too too hard and just let it be. it's hard to let it just happen but it's better in the long run. you are an amazing family and she is super lucky to have you so you are already starting off awesome!!ps. we DO want to come and visit sometime.....soon? I'll let you know. good luck and keep praying ;)

Jocelyn said...

Love them both. Remember that there will be struggles on all sides and from everyone. London is SUCH a GREAT kid. She will be such a great example to Sam. You are blessed beyond measure to have London who will be patient. Sam is a great little girl. She will thrive with your family. It will take time but be patient. You have the Lord on your side and how blessed you are to have him. Love them both. I will pray for your family. You and Sean are amazing parents and will do wonderfully.

Mindy Halladay said...

I agree with all these comments - especially Jocelyn. You are great parents and have an awesome daughter. I think letting it be, so to speak is good advice, but I also know that my kids like the one on one time as well. Planning special things for the two of them is a really good way for the girls to bond, get to know each other and realize that there is room in your family and definitely your hearts, for both of them! Keep praying for guidance and you will be awesome at this! Hugs, Mindy

Stacey said...

Hey Kim,
I take each one of the boys on special dates so I can specifically focus on each one of them. I know my kids are younger and are in different circumstances but I think the principle of 'time' is the same in all family situations. I like the quote, 'Love is spelled: Time'. London is so amazing and solid, it's probably all part of the adjusting.