Sunday, July 7, 2013

Miami Nights

It was so fun after laying on the beach all day to shower and go down to Lincoln Avenue which is famous food and great shopping.

Miami Beach is famous for its Art Deco neighbourhoods.  The buildings were so amazing.  Some were still run down but they are in the process of updating everything.  It was fun to do at night and see the way each hotel was lit up. 

Many hotels were swanky despite their age.  You should have seen all the Ferrari's, Lamborghini's and other fancy cars driving around.  Sean was always ohh.. and awww....everywhere telling me how expensive and how fast that car was.

The corner of Lincoln Rd where all the shopping was.  We had the most amazing steak dinner down here!  Yummy.  I regret that we didn't eat there on our last night. We tried somewhere different and it was yucky!  The number of people walking at night was crazy!  Each restaurant was packed.  It was fun to sit right on the street side and watch people walking around.  It was so expensive though!  I was shocked at the prices of food.

Sean picked up this tee-shirt and showed it to me and said it would be perfect for my dad.  I was shocked! Why that one?  Well, it was so funny as it wasn't the one he had picked out. He grabbed a different one by accident!  lol  Needless to say we didn't bring that one back for dad!

Look at the cuties I found down on the strip?  Pretty cute huh?  Besides Sean's shirt.  I have no control over his shirts, the louder the better in his mind.  Between his t-shirts and his Hawaiian shirts I can always pick him out of a crowd!

Each entry was so cool!  I could just imagine the movie stars in the 70's walking out of these places.

Here is some of the cool architecture in our hotel the Shelborne.  It was so fun!

Movie star pose

Can you tell that Sean is sick of me taking pictures?  We walked for miles on this vacation.  It was so much fun!

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