Sunday, July 7, 2013

Ocean Drive Fun!

Here it is, the famous Ocean Drive!  I looked for movie stars but never saw any.  We took a double decker bus tour and had so much fun!  It was so interesting to learn all about Miami.  There are a lot of movie stars that make it their home.

The board walk.  I love these.  They were everywhere leading you to the most amazing beach!

That is London and me in the distance.  We rented these Deco bikes which were such a great way to get around.  All over Miami Beach you could rent these bikes.  They were self serve. You just put in your money and a bike would be released from the locks.  You then could drop them off any where there were the stands and pick them up again after you were done shopping.  It was so fun!

When ever we go somewhere I am so thrilled to see palm tree's.  I never tire of it!  I wish I could grow one in my back yard!

Tree hugger that shaves her legs!

Me and my honey!  I should have hidden behind the tree, isn't that a sure way to look skinnier?  I hate pictures of me but then I hate when I don't have any pictures of me.  Sigh....

I just love these two!  They are the best of friends.  So much alike.  I get spoiled by both!

More of the walk way.  Tons of people out and about. 

Art Deco buildings

Another day of biking.

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