Monday, February 2, 2009

A shoe shining day

Well yesterday was a great day for our family. Sean was called into the Bishopric. I know that you aren't suppose to be proud, but I am. He is a great guy. I know that there are dozens of men in Brooks that could easily be the man so that makes me even more grateful. I know that he will learn a lot about the administrative part of the church. I know that he will be forced to grow spiritually as well so that will be a big benefit for our family. My favorite part of the day was watching Jack Mossey's face....he was so proud to put his hand up. Those kids will miss him during church time he is the fun one.
Sunday morning Sean woke up early not able to sleep. We cut his hair Saturday night (ears included). He got ready, cleaned up his suit and lint rolled it. The best part was when I watched him shine his shoes. This is the first time in along time that he shined up his shoes. It was so cute!
Back to moving....we didn't find out about moving until Wednesday this last week and he received the calling 2 weeks ago. So we told the bishop and Stake President and they said to go ahead with the calling. So this may be short or we may be able to stay? We fasted yesterday but no answer yet.
Well my blogging buddies I am so excited for tomorrow it is my one year Anniversary of starting at the gym. I have a very special blog tune in tomorrow.


rosecoloredglasses said...

well...i'm being a bit ignorant here in not knowing but what is it sean got called to do exactly..i know its with your church...i really do need to come to some services there to understand the true meaning of being a mormon!They truly must realize they have three of the best people in the world in their church of mormon there..:) I too look forward to your blogs as i know we don't get time to chat much other than at the games...:) i dont have a clue what im going to do without those games to go i'm such a nerd!!So into it!!Anyways talk to ya tomorrow night at the next game!!ttyl...xo

Kathy said...

Well, well... I miss one Sunday at church - and look what happens!!! Yay for Sean! He'll be fantastic in that calling!

Stephanie said...

ONE YEAR!! Kimara you are such an inspiration to so many people. You look amazing and deserve every single pound you have lost!!
I think Sean was the perfect choice for the job.. I am so excited to maybe get to work with him a bit for cubs.
took me a minute to figure that you cut his ear HAIRS and not his EARS hehehe.
(behind every good man is an amazing woman - so true!!!)

Sean White said...

I really wanted to braid my ear hair for the occasion but Kimara said that would be too presumptuous.

Randa said...

We are very proud of him too! Hope you get feeling the inspiration soon in regards to staying in brooks =). Congrats on the amazing year anniversary on going to the gym - I am so impressed at how hard you work to get/stay in shape! yay for you!

Randa said...

oh and the ear hair braiding is all wrong sean!!

Kristen said...

Of course you should be proud! I would be for sure. I can't say I was surprised when my sister told me though. I always knew that Sean was destined for that sort of thing. I love hearing what you two have to say in Sunday school. You both have such great insight!
Also, super proud of your 1 year anniversary. That is AWSOME! I wish that I had the will power to get out there and finally do it. I keep saying 'After this next kid' but that never seems to happen. Good job!!

The Gilmours said...

1 Year! Time flies and you look great! Good on you for keeping yourself motivated & good luck with the runs you have planned to participate in this summer.
My prayers are with you guys as your family is facing changes in your lives with the new calling and job transfer.