Friday, January 30, 2009

Update...I got it!

I got my passport in the mail today! Yippee...I'm off to the sun! Anyone want to go to Vegas for a weekend now if I find a sweet deal?


Stephanie said...

HEY! Did you delete my comment? I left a comment yesterday, right here.. this blog. Not cool.
I was coming back to leave you another comment, being:
I had a dream about passports last night. That I totally needed to get mine and my dad was harrassing me about it. Go figure.
ANYHOW. My other comment was:
I would LOVE to take a trip with you. After I get my passport and finish nursing.....
(something along those lines anyhow. boo)

Joanne said...

come next fall/winter I'll go I'll go AND I'm sure we could convince ( not very hard) Kathy to come too! It'll be our "Phoenix except with a whole lot more shopping and flirting with cute boys and fun!

Mona said...

Pick me! I'll go!

Randa said...

Sigh...well i am currently not even allowed to buy more cereal due to school time but i am totally in for an adventure when we have an income!

Kathy said...

Baby, Oh Baby the places you could go! FUN!!!! Count me in on fun!

As for the previous post - not so fun! I hope everything works out for you guys but I would HATE to see you leave Brooks! Again, not fun!