Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Do you know this butt? Joanne stole my camera and took a bunch of butt pictures. Let me just say I am glad that I was sitting during this madness!
PS My good friend Janet congratulated me at the gym and commented how brave I was to take a picture of my butt in those jammies in my last post! I hope you all know it looks smaller in real life (let me remain delusional please)
Two posts in a week. You can tell it is a New Years goal. I will not be able to keep this up! We had a wonderful craft night out at my house in December. So much fun! It got funner as we got higher on the fumes.

There honestly were snacks!

I love my winter blocks on the back I have Autumn. I will be making Spring and Summer!

London really worked me over this year for her birthday. She let me know that it was her 13th birthday on the 13th and that this only happens once in your life so it has to be good! (She also let me know about double digit birthdays 11,22, ect) I have missed on all of these birthdays growing up! I had no of course she got it. We went to Medicine Hat for a basketball tourney and stayed at the lodge with her and 4 friends from the team. So we ate Taco Salad in the hotel her favorite! They swam played games and then at midnight we played Sardines in the hotel on all levels. It was very fun!
Then we had a special family birthday. She doesn't like cake so she requested pie so I made Strawberry tarts, Lemon Meringue tarts, and banana cream. It was a special birthday and very yummy! Here is the decorated table of yumminess.


rosecoloredglasses said...

im jealous of all your craftiness.....and where was i that night???hmmmmmm oh well i guess i have to learn it on my

broberts said...

keep the posts a comin'...i'll definitly read them! it sure sounds like london likes her parties...haha! i don't remember it ever occuring to me to even look into double digit birthday parties or the same # and date...haha! she's so funny! love all the pics!

Arlene said...

I'm glad birthdays are still special at your house.

Joanne said...

ohhhh you!!! you found our camera sabatoge photo. good times and loved the fumes!!! thanks for being an amazing hostess with (not) the mostess-butt!!did that make sense??? and those tarts-they look delish.

Stephanie said...

There sure were a lot of TONGUES that night!! It was fun and very craft-tacular!
London deserves a mom as great as you are. I think she couldn't ask for anyone better.. you two make a perfect mother/daughter pair.
And the butt: definitely one I would pinch ;)

Stephanie said...

ps. I thought Kathy's butt looked pretty fab too!

Kathy T. said...

I commented - I swear right after Arlene! That's the second time it's happened!I think I'm having problems.

Anyway, I love your Winter sign! (the butt - not so much) You do throw a rockin' party!!! We need a repeat in February!!! Oh - and I love the crazy eye picture of me - it's the fumes - fun times!!!

Randa said...

Does this mean that Kathy's butt is the best then? I guess mine just didn't make the cut, sigh. The party was sweet though and the crafting genius amazing. I love sharing (stealing) other peoples wonderful ideas =)

Kristen said...

That looked like so much fun! I am so envious of all your craft know-how!