Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Slowly but surely

Meet hairy! Can you see the hair on his legs? Just looking at him makes my skin crawl. Wandlers came over for a visit and we started talking spiders so I went to show them some of the giants that hang out on our front porch! Yuck. They are amazing to look at but it was HUGE!

We have been busy little beavers the last few weeks. The house is really coming together. I still need to take pictures of my AMazIng dream kitchen! I will go around today and post tomorrow. I have been busy unpacking and trying to clean things up so that we can live in the house. We have been trying to get things ready to start the downstairs so that our drywaller can begin work. The floor has sunk in the upstairs because they didn't use a good enough beam downstairs. So here is the beam that will fix all the problems. We are so blessed to have Sean's dad in our lives. He has everything and some extra! This beam would have cost about $600 but he had it in his junk yard so we can use it! He is so helpful and good to us.
We are behind schedule. I wanted to be done the basement by the 20th but now I am just hoping close to the end of the month!

This is the other thing that keeps us busy. We have a big bin that we are filling with all the garbage in the house and drywall we had to rip out and things in the yard. It is huge and now it is full!

This is a huge pile ( the whole roof) of shingles that the previous owner left for us to clean up! It looks small but I worked on it for over an hour and have barely made a dent. It is full of gross creepy crawlies that like dark wet places....yuck!

Blossom is adjusting well to farm life! Every day she begs to go outside and once out, doesn't want to come in. Kitty on the other hand lives outside and is always fighting to get inside. We always seem to want what we don't have! Every time Blossom goes out she plays for hours and come home filled will burrs! I had to chop most of her tail off the other day because they were everywhere. It will be nice when we have to pay attention to the outside and tame the weeds. Now that it is cooler she can go out more as I am not worried about her having a run in with a snake.

My dad came for a visit to look things over and got right into helping us clean up! They fought with these poles to get them out of the ground. My dad may come and move a house onto our yard. It will be nice to have him closer to us.
All and all the house is starting to feel like home. I still don't have a cook top it has to be hooked up to natural gas. That should happen today. It is hard to cook everything in the oven...I have to get creative. We still don't have a washer and dryer they should be here in the next couple of days as well. Then all we need is trim and doors and voila! We will be settled. I am so grateful for all the help we have received and encouragement from family and friends. These have been a very stressful few months and my waist line can testify too!


Eva Aurora said...

Good job. I don't envy you all the work you have ahead of you, but at least you'll have a kitchen, a bathroom, and some place to sleep!

Joanne said...

ummmmmmm spiders??? big ones???? the ones nightmares are made of??? I don't know if I want to come and visit now....email me!

Randa said...

What you need is a good slave to cut your work down a little. How about Vance next wednesday?

Anonymous said...

your spider is a she not a he! a he would have balls on his pedipalps. ;)