Tuesday, September 28, 2010

FINALLY....my kitchen....sigh

Well I was waiting and waiting until every bit was perfect and it isn't happening anytime soon so here are the pictures! I love it! My Nephew Lawrence from Carefree Kitchens designed it and he did an amazing job! I am waiting on glass doors and lot of little area's to fix and the finish trim it is even going to get better than this if you can believe it! I don't have many of my pretty things out yet...still to much work going on in the house for them. It won't seem like home until I get all my treasures around me....hopefully soon.
We wanted an office type space in the kitchen for a computer for recipes and for the family to work in the kitchen. I LOVE IT!!!

Even room for my kitchen table. We are hoping to expand the house in the future and the table will move down into the now living room and we will build a front entry and a living room.
We never use the table now that we have the Island! We are loving that.

There are glass doors going onto the one open cupboard.

I am imagining Ooohhh's and aaahhh's

I love my bread cupboard. I can hide my bread and toaster in here.

Here it is my favorite part! Two ovens! I love it and have used it many times already!

This is my Professional Gas range. Do you see the dials on that puppy! I love it too! It cooks amazing! When you push a little button on the back a fan pop's out and slowly rises to vent out the fumes! It is amazing. We saw one in our rental house this summer and so we searched high and low until we could find one! I love it!

coming up!

fully up!

Here is the living room. It looks dark sorry, but I love the way the couches and everything fits in! It is actually a really sunny room! It still needs trim done and artwork up but it is coming.

TA-DA! My red washer and dryer that are amazing! Anyone that has these know what I mean. They are so much better than the old kind I can't believe it!!!!


Steph said...

I LOVED getting to see your house up close and personal!! The kitchen is beautiful. I am jealous of your 2 ovens which I am SURE are self cleaning which is tres fabulous also. Can't wait to see it finished b/c if this is how good it looks now its gonna be amazing!!
How come you didn't show a pic of the chair you did all by yourself?!?!

Kathy T. said...


IT LOOKS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sure you're going to enjoy it - beautiful job guys!!!

All good things said...

oooh and ahhhh! It's beautiful!

Joanne said...

yup yup yup it looks fabulouso!! and even better in person! thanks for giving us the grand tour I can't wait to see it when the glass doors are in and the finishing touches are done. you have done well my friends!!!!

Kristen said...

Wow! I LOVE that stove. I am supremely jealous! It looks fantastic.

Randa said...

WOW! THAT LOOKS AMAZING!A million cheers for a dream kitchen and a gorgeous living room! You guys have done a beautiful job!

rosecoloredglasses said...

well finally a blog about your kitchen....haha...and i cant beleive how great your washer and dryer fit in just like a glove:) not to mention how glorious they look...almost sad putting dirty yucky clothes in them,the picture of you standing in front of your double oven i am imagining you doing your opera singing in front....am i right???haha....anyways love it ...and yes kimara and sean and london....YOU DESERVE every bit of luxury you have....you have worked hard for it!!XO

Niki said...

Wow!!!! I love your house.... That is so awesome...

momma4 said...

Lookin good sista!

Stacey said...

Kim, I drool over your kitchen! You must nearly get an adrenaline rush every time you walk in to it. ;) It is gorgeous! I showed Lane and he was like, 'WOW! It looks so different!' Indeed. Great job, good taste!