Sunday, February 13, 2011

Snow....a four letter word!

This year I have seen more snow than I have in years. We had the most beautiful fall, no bugs, warm dry weather, it was amazing. I was thinking maybe winter would skip us this such luck and once it started it didn't seem to let up.

This is our dog Brigham's look out. The poor little guy forgot to grow legs so he sits on any hill and looks out over his kingdom and barks at anything that moves and if it moves closer he protects his land by running and hiding under the deck. What a good protector!

Here are my little merry go round horses that I have had since I was little and just can't seem to part with. I had hours of fun riding my horse to new imaginary places filled with handsome cowboys (and that was just this fall)!

When ever anyone steps outside, Brigham is convinced we are there to play with him. Those are his ears at the bottom of this picture. I took this one so you could see how deep the snow is compared to fence posts.

We have had our share of getting stuck this year as many of you like to remind me when ever it snows. Our drive way is long and partly protected with trees. Where the trees end we have huge drifts form and it makes it really difficult to get out! This is a picture of Sean's truck stuck. It isn't just me! This drift was long and he was stuck for over 3 hours trying to dig out. He was late for work this day!

Isn't this an amazing sunrise. The colors were so sky in the morning sailors take must be going to bring more snow!

Here is our little bell covered after a snow storm. I thought it looked so neat in the perfect shape of the bell and horse.

I don't know if I blogged our new front door yet! Isn't it amazing?! We got rid of the old broken down one.

We had some terrible blizzards and one week I didn't leave the house for 5 days. I couldn't face the roads....or rather the ditches. I will be so happy to see spring. I hope it is hot! My perfect world would be hot each day and rain every night. No rainy days and I wouldn't care if I saw snow again! Go away!


Kristen said...

Yeah, what is with all this snow this year!?! It's just been insane and that's in the city. I have to admit, that is definitely a downfall of living out of town. It sure is pretty though! Snow just go away!! I crave sunshine and warmth. I feel like it's been winter FOREVER!

All good things said...

That is a lot of snow, especially for Southern Alberta! Yikes! I think you just need to become a snow bird for a week or two and avoid it all together.

Steph said...

ugh! the snow has been horrific!!!!
i never left the house as well and cabin fever did start to set it, it was not enjoyable!
i love the little bell too & the sunset.. the rest of the snow?? they can send it back to where it came from :P

Joanne said...

i;m officially DONE with snow. it really is a four letter word. your new door looks fabulous. i want one for my house!! when the roads are better i am gonna come and visit. promise!!