Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Time to Build an ArK?

First off...yes I am alive! I really struggle this time of year to survive. I get depression so bad that I can hardly function on a daily basis! I think it is pathetic, but no matter how hard I seem to tell myself to get at it...I just can't! I have lots of catching up to do so there are a lot of posts to come!
My Dad went for a walk to check out the coulee to see how the melting was going in our little creek and much to his surprise he found a mess. So Sean and I went down for a look and I couldn't believe it! It was like spring run off madness!

This is at the top looking down. It didn't look too bad but as we got closer I couldn't believe the power behind all that water.

This has been such a crazy, cold, snowy, crappy, yucky, icy, endless, dark, dreary,long winter! As you can tell, I am not a big fan of the cold! I know I live in the wrong country but the sun is my friend and I love the heat! So I am excited for spring and I love that it got warm so fast but there is a lot of snow melting with no where to go!

I am going to take a video tomorrow because the noise is amazing. It is just like spring break up happening in the mountains. You wouldn't believe how loud it is. I hope it doesn't do too much damage and that our awesome waterfall will still be there in the spring. I have big plans for a bridge to sit on and hang your feet in the waterfall and a swing down there to sit on and read and have a nap...a big porch swing. I love the sound of water....not this loud and rushing!

Further down the creek as it heads to the river.

I was hoping this big block of ice would fall off while we were there but no such luck! It seems to be just barely hanging on.


Jocelyn said...

so cool! I am with you except this year is the first year winter has kicked my butt. Hopefully next year is better for you.

kimara said...

This is amazing but it isn't good! We are really worried it will break down our dam! So keep the prayers with us

Joanne said...

that is some serious crazy going on. I hope it doesn't wreck your backyard waterfall oasis because I am SO coming to see it first hand in the summer!!!

Kathy T. said...

I hate the lack of sunshine and snow too. Hopefully we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! Hopefully your dam holds. Despite the force of nature it really is beautiful. Thanks for doing your Spring dance - I think it really worked!

Kristen said...

Wow!! Isn't that just awesome! It really is pretty crazy though. Like you, I am super excited for this new warmer weather. Finally!!! Here's hoping your dam holds...wouldn't that be the pits! Happy spring Kimara!

Krymsen said...

That is awesome! Good thing your dog is smart enough to stay away! Mine are just dumb enough to go for a swim in something like that. Oh and I am the same about the winter depression. I have improved greatly since I changed all our light bulbs to full spectrum (just like the sun). No more grumpy cold mom. Although I am still prone to hide under a heating blanket or hug a hot water bottle in the evenings :)
I woke up to the birdies singing this morning! ITS SPRING!

The Cryer Family said...

Wow - look at those pictures! I am so ready for spring too. Been feeling quite fed up!