Thursday, March 17, 2011

mmmm.... soup

I made yummy war won ton Soup the other day and wanted to show pictures and brag so here you go.

The two men in my life that love my cooking! I am so blessed to have people that really appreciate my efforts. They ate several bowls so I think they liked it! lol

It isn't very hard to make but it takes a bit of time so I don't do it to often!


Joanne said...

wow!!! you are one of the most fabulous cooks..nay.. chefs I know! that looks fantastik
except for the shrimp part ( i don't like shrimp) but the guys sure look like they are enjoying!!!

Jocelyn said...

That looks SO good. One question though, how can you post yummy pictures like that and no recipe??? Is it a secret family recipe? Glad you have family that loves soup.

rosecoloredglasses said...

i agree....looks delice....but wheres the recipe? :P