Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tails of Brigham

As you know our Dog Brigham is still a puppy. He is about 7 months old. He is very rotten but it isn't really his fault. As soon as winter started he has been left to his own devices to figure out how to live on the farm. It was too cold to train him, so he saw us as we came in and out of the house. We gave him lots of love but only briefly. Poor little guy.

We were surprised at the size of his feet when we got him and we were sure he was going to be a giant! He is a big dog, just short! He legs haven't grown. Well, because of this, he picks big snow piles and sits on them all day and looks over his kingdom. It is so funny you can always see him on top of these looking around and checking everything out.

The above picture is one of his piles that is melting and I can't believe all the junk he drags out of the garage or garbage to lay and chew on.

Here is the culprit! Isn't he darling? I just love his little face! He has learned to sit now before he gets his cookies! He is a very smart and protective dog we just need to do some training. He and the cats are best of friends and he wanders all over the property looking for things to terrorize. He barks a lot which we have to figure out how to stop him. It is at all the critters in the little woods. I would like him to bark when people come in but he only hides under the deck!!!

When he was little London gave him a shoe to chew on and so he is always after peoples feet! He loves to chew on London. He doesn't bite us but he always bites at her. He has a soft mouth, but still he needs to not do that! Another problem we have to figure out this spring.

When I was looking through his pile picking it up I found this lovely thing....yup...a cats tail. I don't know if he ripped it off a live or a dead one but he loves playing with it! Yuck! Thus the title of the blog.

London is trying to take pictures and he is trying to play....bad doggie!

This is the other thing we found. A few months ago Sean lost his phone I was convinced it dropped into the snow we looked an couldn't find it.....Brigham did and had it in his pile chewed right up! He takes stuff and buries it only to be dug up later and play with it! Grrrr....this one really cost us some $$$$.

What a dog! We love him and are anxious for him to grow out of the puppy stage. He loves grandpa and lives half of the day over on his deck waiting for treats. I have put him into obedience training and I am starting to watch the dog whisperer to figure out how to help him. It is never boring at our house!


Kathy T. said...

Puppies = Trouble! Good thing he's so cute! I want the recipe for you super-delicious looking soup. Looks great!

Anonymous said...

He has to live outside? Poor doggy

Jocelyn said...

I love how short he it. When I fist saw him the other night, I saw his head and was waiting for this massive dog to come out of the shed. He is big in every way other than the legs.

Hopefully he will grow out of that phase for you too!

Jocelyn said...

Oh and I totally get the whole "outdoor dog" thing! B is dying for a huskie. I told him if we ever got land then yes because there is NO WAY it is coming inside!

broberts said...

that's crazy!!! cat tails??? cell phines??? good thing that puppy is loved!

Steph said...

EW to the kitty tail and sad face for the phone.. gotta looooove puppies!
thankfully when i give you all my kittens they won't destroy nearly as much :D