Monday, April 8, 2013

Porcupine visit

We woke up the other morning to this sight.  The poor dogs got into a row with a porcupine.  This is their second time.  The first time happened about a month ago.  They each only had a couple and they were barely in the skin so London and I pulled them right out.  This time they were not so lucky.  Moses only had a dozen or so but they were in so deep that you couldn't really get to them.  He was just pouting and drooling.  Poor guy didn't even want to get up to see us.

Sean got the pliers and I came outside in my jammies ready to pull them out.  We did Cinder first as she is way too smart and if she saw what we were doing to Moses she would have taken off and not come back!   I held her head firmly but she is really strong.   It hurt her so bad and some even broke off as we started pulling.  She couldn't even open her mouth they were so bad. It kind of sewed her mouth shut.  They were both soaked from drooling.  Sean decided that there was no way we could get them out.  So I called the vet and off they went.
They hate the vehicle.  Both times we have taken them in the car they have thrown up and crapped everywhere.  So we put them in the truck.  Believe me that was no small task.  They weigh a ton, especially Moses.  Sean really had to grunt to pick him up.  Even with both of us we could barely get Moses in the truck.  He fought and fought.  Finally we got him in only to have him jump out again!!  In the mean time Cinder ran away and we had to go around and find her.  Finally they were on their way.
Both of them had to be put to sleep (anaesthetic, not "to sleep").  Cinder even had to have several stitches.  She was in bad shape and the vet said it was good we brought her in.  $330.00 later!!!  EEK  I hate all these unexpected expenses.  I am just grateful they are OK.  I just hope they have long memories and don't tackle a porcupine again!


Krymsen Suelzle said...

Find that porcupine and burn it! The dogs might go and roll in it. My girlfriend had her dogs go back the porcupine they had killed on 2 separate kills. Poor babies!

Jocelyn said...

Always fun at your place! Ouch.

Kathy T. said...

Poor doggies! It hurts just to look at their pictures:( I love your tea towels. Such talent and patience!