Sunday, July 7, 2013

Second home away from home

My favorite way to find places to stay is VRBO.  Vacation Rentals by owner.  I find so many amazing deals everywhere I go.  I use that way more than hotels.  Well, Miami was so frustrating!  It was so hard to find somewhere to stay.  It was full of con-artists and shysters.  I was so lucky to finally find this place but it was booked!  I was so sad.  It is a pool house on the back of someones 3 acre lot.  After I found the other hotel for 4 days I called this lady again to see if we could do a partial week and it ended up the people were leaving early and it would work out perfectly.

We were so pleased with how beautiful it was and how welcoming and warm the owners were.  We had full use of the pool and this large beautiful spot!  It was far from the beach so we never did see it again except when we drove down to Key West.  We did all the other parts of Miami like the Everglades, Key West and Monkey Jungle.  So it worked out perfect.  I hope to go back and stay at this same house.

It was so pretty inside.  They had built it and their daughter had lived in it with her family while she finished school.  It was nice to have this home away from home.

The master bedroom was huge!  I don't think this picture justifies how huge.  That was a king size bed and it looks little in there.  This is where I had my first attack that started my downward spiral of health problems.  Now 5 months later I finally have some answers. 


Kathy T. said...

That place looks amazing!!! I hope things are going better for your health now.

Nancy said...

sounds like a awesome family vacation! looks like you guys had fun!