Friday, January 30, 2009


Well here I am...I wish I was in my comfy bed sleeping but my mind is too busy thinking. I don't know if you have all heard yet but on Wednesday they announced at the college that they are moving the electrical program to Medicine Hat. This came as a huge shock as there wasn't even any talks of this that we knew of. A few years ago I would have been so excited as I love Medicine Hat (and still do) BUT now I absolutely love Brooks as well. I am just so torn and upset. Why is it when life is just cruising along something happens to upset it?

So now the big decisions. Does Sean commute? Do we move? Do we try it out for a year? I know that Heavenly Father is in charge of my life and I know from the past experience I have had that all will be well. I just hope that we make the right decision. My job is the most affected as it won't move and of course I am so worried for London. She and her best friend Letitia are so close and she is doing so well in school and sports. *Side note: She just got tons of awards, one for every subject she is in today, honors in all! Hip Hip Hooray! I am so proud.

Well, I know I am addicted to blogging! All I did while tossing and turning is think about what I could write! I feel better now, so I am off to dream...zzzzz


Stephanie said...

That would suck so much if you guys moved :( I am not sure what we would all do w/o you.... and really I am not joking! I guess Medicine Hat probably felt the same way when you moved from there.. but too bad for them!
I know that you and Sean will come to the right decision (Brooks) and that you will feel good about wherever you decide to move (Brooks).
On a lighter note:
YAY for London and her awards!!!

Randa said...

okay so #1. i cant believe they would do that without telling you and #2 I CANT BELIEVE THEY WOULD DO THAT WITHOUT TELLING YOU! can you sense the mild bitterness? im with stephanie on the Im sure you will make the right decision(brooks) =). I suppose whatever is best for you guys is what we are hoping for but really i am just thinking of myself because i dont want you to leave! We are just starting to get to hang out more and i am having SO much fun playing with you in pickle ball. it just would not be the same without you! I vote for the driving for a year at least but of course my vote is not one of the important ones. i suppose sean gets a vote over me =) but whatever happens we still love you! (and yay for London in school, basketball and having a good friend (that made all the difference for me)!!!)

Kristen said...

All I know is that if it is what the Lord wants you to do, then he'll let you know. Even though I don't like Trochu, Heavenly Father sent us here for a purpose. As long as you rely on the Spirit, you can't go wrong.

P.S. If I got a chance to move back to Brooks, I would take it in a SECOND. There really is no place like it :)

Joanne said...

That is quite the shock and I hope you stay!!! ( does the happenings at church today mean you have made up your minds for the time being?) congrats again Sean! I'll miss seeing you at the youth activities you always come up with oh so fabulous ideas!

rosecoloredglasses said...

well kimara and sean and london....hmmmm. ive truly come to love all three of you...i pray for whatever makes your lives happy and complete,however will be soo sad to see you move if we were in that position we would feel the same as you do..torn!I would say i will miss you...but i know i will see you alot so i know we wont get a chance to miss you...however the closeness of having someone here to share my love for basketball and i finally found someone with some spiritual guiding i truly look up to you and admire your strengths and beliefs you all have...WE LOVE YOU!!xo