Saturday, January 17, 2009

Passport Fiasco!

I am so excited! I am going to Mexico Feb 22 for the first time (unless you count taking a bus to Tijuana?) Well, I am a walking example of a procrastinator. We said a couple of years ago that we would go and get our passports when they said you needed one to fly to the USA. We kept putting it off. Fast forward 2 years and now I have had this tour booked for at least 8 months...still no passport. I knew I had lots of time. The other day I really looked at the calendar and realized I only had 5 weeks! So, I thought, no big deal... I will just go downtown Brooks because we have our own Service Canada office now. After checking it out, their delivery date was the end of February. Needless to say I started to panic!

Well, yesterday we finally accomplished the difficult task and got into Calgary for our passports. I was worried when we walked in as all the chairs were filled, but it ended up being not too bad! We were in and out in about 45 minutes. The forms weren't too difficult to do. The pictures were awful! I hate that you can't smile. When I asked Sean why he said it is so they can identify your body if needed? I am still not sure if he was joking! The only painful part is that I am now $211 poorer!

So now everyone cross your fingers and toes for me that it will come with no problems before the 22nd. I also went and got a Hep A/B shot on Thursday. Being the world traveller that I am I didn't know I needed shots to go to Mexico. I am like Joanne with her cursed luck with winning but mine is if anyone will get sick with some unusual tropical disease it will be me! I would rather have Joanne's bad luck. It is much less fatal. Back to my shot, my arm still hurts! I will be able to get both before my trip so I should be good.

I hear the place we are going has the best snorkeling on the Mayan Riviera. One big problem... my cousin who I am going with is terrified of the ocean..well not the ocean as much as the creatures that swim in it. She had informed me that she will sit on the beach with binoculars ready to warn me if she sees any fins. So helpful of her. My only worry now is SHARKS!!!! Is there anyone out there who knows of a shot that makes you taste bad to killer fish? One bite and they will spit me out? I hope the bite is in a good spot that will make me look thinner! I just can't get off these last 20 pounds! GRRRRRR....Well eating Red Lobster last night didn't help! Out of all the restaurants, it is rated the worst for where did we go...yup! Drenched in butter goodness I should have just pasted it to my butt....


Stephanie said...

I pasted about 5 cups of hot chocolate, 1 tim tam, 2 dad's rings and a couple handfuls of chips to my butt today! Thank goodness for those hill exercises hehe.
Well I will keep your passport in my thoughts and prayers in hopes that it comes BEFORE your trip does. I am so jealous that you are going on a warm vacation. Does Blossom need a sitter?
Aaaahhhhh Mexico. Deadly fish. I can see it all now!

Joanne said...

you are sooooo funny! and so lucky to be going to Mexico. yes please don't get any weird disease - life won't be that fun but maybe the sharks won't like it and leave you alone! good luck with everything.

Kathy said...

Ooohhhweee! That is so exciting for you guys!!! I'm sure the passports will all work out! I'm so jealous!