Thursday, January 1, 2009

I'm Here!

Well it is a New Year and I decided once and for all to start my blog! I am so excited. I have been addicted to the blogging world for several months thanks to my good friends that I have been stalking via...the blog. I wanted to do this as a Christmas gift for all my friends but with sickness and Christmas prep I ran out of time.
Well I spent my New Years Eve Stoned and in the Emergency room...honest I really am a good member of the church. I have been struggling with a terrible cough so in anticipation for a night of fun I thought I better drug up. So I dusted off the EXTRA strength Benylin for the occasion and being lazy decided to use the little cup provided with the "regular" weak Benylin (as you know my kitchen is about 23 steps away from the bathroom but I was saving my energy) I saw that I was to take 2 so I found the marking on the cup took 2 tbsp full and for good measure I also added a extra tablespoon. Not wanting to miss a drop of the good stuff, I proceeded to lick out the cup. Feeling that my night was guaranteed to be phlegm free, I set off for the night.
*note: remember I have been sick and have eaten nothing but two toffifee (for medicinal purposes of course)

Well I was fine for about a half an hour until I decided to go get more food from the kitchen and ended up with my head tucked in between my legs. Well, I was so dizzy which was normal for the last couple of days but on top of it I felt really funny. For the next while I felt dizzy and like the room was spinning. On top of it all I felt like my pupils where huge. To tell you the truth I felt high and proceeded to tell that to anyone who would listen. Well, I was convinced by many concerned people to go to the hospital and get a prescription.

On the way, Sean questioned me on my drug of choice for the night. When I told him what I took he informed me that it was supposed to be 2 tsp and I took 3 tbsp!!!! Add that with no know the rest. I made him swear not to tell the ER doc...I informed them over and over that I have not been drinking even though it was New Years Eve. Ends up I have Vertigo which explains the dizziness and I am full of infection.

So as my New Years Resolution I pledge next time to walk the 23 steps and get a spoon!
Well bear with me as I figure out this blogging world.
Happy New Year


Eva Aurora said...

I know you're a good member and all, but tell me: did you secretly love it or what? Just kidding. I'm glad you're okay. I love the design of your blog. I have been blogging for a while as a creative outlet. Isn't it fun? I'll put your blog link on my blog, if you don't mind. This is Cassandra, by the way. I use a different name in the blogging world.

broberts said...

i'm so glad you have a blog!!! it's so fun...but,'s addicting! anyways...sounds like an interesting new years eve. hehe! better luck next year!

Joanne said...

okay this is the 3rd time I've tried to post in 2 days. that party was so fun and I hope you are feeling better! Happy new year and don't forget NOT to "drink" ( your medicine) and drive. ps welcome to the highly addictive world of blogging. I love your blog.

Randa said...

YEAH!!! Im so excited you took the leap! It was definately a sweet party and my kids were so tired they slept in right until 7am!! (how do you spell that anyway?) Love the blog and im adding you to my list of love =)

Stephanie said...

I too tried to post a comment before but my computer was being stinky!
Good to know sometimes you overdose also... I hate being alone is la-la-land sometimes!
So sad I missed a good partay BUT I have a sneaking suspicion 2009 will be spent whooping it up a bit more than last year!

Kathy said...

Yay!!!! I'm so glad you've finally taken the plunge and joined the rest of us bloggers! By the way, I love your blog name - very clever!!! Can't wait to see what's next!

Mona said...

Congrats on starting your blog! It is such an awesome wayn to keep up with everyone.

Nancy said...

Hey welcome! Love the design on your blog!! Sounds like one great New years party, boy the mormons sure know how to throw a bash!!!