Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dancing Queen!

OK, So this year London turns 14! Man, where did the time go! Anyway, 14 means dances in our Church. She is soooo excited to be able to get her groove on. We had a family dance a few weeks ago and I noticed all the youth doing these special dances and London didn't know them so she just stumbled along. We haven't had a party yet this year with her friends but I thought it would be a fun surprise to bring a couple young women from Church (also her friends) to show her these crazy dances so she will be comfortable on New Years Eve. Click on this picture above to see it big. It is so funny. Kenzie's hair is right up!

Everyone getting into the action. This is the Hyde family and my cousin Lane. Lane and Stacey came and stayed with us for a few days with their little boys. We had so much fun.

I went to second hand stores to get some records to spiff up the joint a bit for the dance. Sean didn't want to put them into the ceiling because it would damage it! was a little pin hole. Don't they look great? See my wreath in the background...that was my first bit of Christmas cheer brought by Lisa and Randa who also came for a quick visit! I love it!

Man....London is thinking, "too much information". She is a very fast learner so I am sure she will be jiving out at the dance. Speaking of jiving, her Grandpa got up and cut a rug with me (sadly not a great partner) It was so fun dancing with him! The older crowd didn't like the song selections or dance styles as much. It is strange now. They dance in groups instead of one on one until the slow numbers. London chose taco salad and pies again this year for the birthday meal. She insists that is what she will have at her wedding as well.... taco in a bag.... that just doesn't sound weddingish to me? Maybe she will grow out of it.

Look at this cutie! I am sure the boys will be lining up for miles for a dance. There is the tree up sans decorations but at least it is up right? Dela, the girls and I got it out. That was the best part of London's birthday to have Teesha come for a visit with her mom. The girls really miss each other still. It was so nice of them to come visit on her birthday weekend and hang out. I miss all my old Brooks friends.

The peanut gallery. I just love being so close to family! We wanted to have everyone over, but it was about the dancing and it was crazy already! We had the biggest tower of dishes you have ever seen. I had to bake 3 different types of tarts and make supper then run to London's basketball game which she won!!! So I left them out so I could enjoy the game thinking I would run home and do them before more company came over. Pulled the plug in the sink ( left some to soak) and the water wouldn't go down. So we had piles of dishes before the party started and it grew after. Sean and Lane had to spend most of the evening snaking it out and finding lots of gross stuff!


Jocelyn said...

What a great idea to have a dance! She will do great at dances, she has a great personality. Love seeing your basement done but I bet you love it more!

broberts said...

i wanna be a cool mom who does stuff like this for her kids and with them!!!

rosecoloredglasses said...

please include us when london has a get together in the newyear for her birthday....i know that its been so busy so whenever we can get them together even here would be super....luved the records on the wall!!!XO

Kristen said...

Happy 50th post of the year! Also, happy birthday to London! You guys look like you had a good time!

Randa said...

Ummm about the taco's for the wedding. I may have supported that when I told her I had taco's at my wedding =) They were fabulous in case you were curious! ALways in support of Dance parties! totally fun!

Stephanie said...

so fun!!
i am allll about pinholes in the ceiling.. the records brought it alllll together ;)
Happy Birthday to London!

Stacey said...

That was a blast! I was putting Grady down during this part of the dancing lessons. I'm glad Lane took advantage of the learning the 'new' dances. ;) Thanks so much for having us! We wanted to stay longer and impose and on the White hospitality a little longer...because you guys are so fun! It's hard to be ripped away from the good times. ;)