Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Welcome to Country life

This has been a really crazy week. We got carpet in the basement...Monday. They brought the wrong amount so they finished on Tuesday. We moved in all our stuff on Wednesday. Thanks for all the help from our friends in our ward and Trevor and Vance ( I bet they wished they weren't here!). Then we moved Dad on Saturday (throw in some Christmas parties, concerts and home teaching visits plus all the regular life!) It was a crazy week! Oh yeah, I did my Christmas ornaments on Thursday and the party was that night! That story to follow. We then had company, my cousins Stacey and Lane and kidlets. It was so fun! They came on Sunday and left this morning. Yesterday was London's 14th birthday, so we had to celebrate (bake 3 types of pie, decorate, plan a surprise dance, feed the hordes) Again, I survived this.

Now this morning we had a major gas leak and so we haven't had gas all day. Luckily Sean was able to shut everything down. So we are freezing and recovering and trying to catch up. Oh yeah, I forgot that yesterday when I was getting ready for the party ( I had no presents until 2 that afternoon) baking and cooking for that and company...I used every dish in the house and then...the sink plugged. So we had company with dishes everywhere around the sink and had tons of fun anyway! I will share photos later. It has been amazing and somehow I survived!...Dad....well

We all had a long winters nap today. Poor Dad. I came out and this was him. Sleeping with coat and gloves on. Brrrrrr...it has been a cold day. I hear the furnace finally cut in! Sigh.
PS: I still don't have my tree up, no Christmas presents, no baking and I am so stressed I don't know when it can get done. Anyone that knows me knows I go way out on Christmas decorations and in November everything is done. Christmas might not come to the White house this year.


Kristen said...

That's us this year too! No Christmas tree or anything. Boo :( This year has been a busy one! I hope that everything settles down and you get to enjoy a wonderful relaxing Christmas with your family!

Steph said...

i'm sorry... i can't get past this line: "Now this morning we had a major gas leak and so we haven't had gas all day." bahahahaha
the wisslers never go a day without gas ;)
you seem crazy busy (as usual) and next year, when life is organized and decorations are hung you will look back at all the crazy and remember the fun memories of life at The White House.
Can't wait for the pics!

rosecoloredglasses said...

your story is very mismushy....sounds like your typing it and your head is spinning...take a breath my friend....and hey the tree is up!!!we put it up when i was there....lol...thats about all we did....:( sorry tried to get more done just run out of time and energy,,,,and as far as your baking etc,,,,let the stores do that for you this year,,,,i know i know its not the same...but sometimes we just need to resort to such sillyness and buy the baked goodies...luv you and rest your mind...it will all pull together,,,enjoy the rest of your week....hope nothing else happens....XO

Kathy T. said...

Wow! That's a lot of craziness! I think I'd settle down for a REALLY long nap after all that! Good luck with getting Christmas ready - I know it'll all come together great. I like your Dad's house - cute.

Jocelyn said...

CRAZINESS!!!! Hopefully you can get caught up soon. I am so far behind too, so maybe that will help you to feel like you are not the only one.

Scary about the gas leak. Glad you are all ok!

Joanne said...

ahhhh I feel for you! but your house is gorgeous decorated or not. I can't believe London is 14! holy cow how time flies. here's to hoping your furnace stays lit, your drains stay unplugged and your dad LOVEs living in his new fabulous place.

Stacey said...

my favorite, is that you took of a picture of uncle roger sleeping with gloves on during his nap time. that is the worst that it was freezing in your house! brrr! there's no where to run when you want to warm up. glad you're all toasty warm again.