Monday, December 6, 2010

Progress Report #1

Jason, our drywaller, had to patch a bunch of spots in our kitchen where the old lights used to be. I thought these pictures looked like something from ET. Little tents everywhere to contain the mess.

Cool picture I love the action shot.

I thought this was a cool picture.

We had to build a light switch into the wall. I love the way the edge looks. It is all painted now and looks great. I will post a picture next time.

Yucky stairs going to be covered with carpet.

This is our new furnace that will be installed near the end of December. I am excited to get rid of the old beast downstairs. We didn't have to replace it yet but I said it is better to do it now while everything is open. It is high efficiency.

Drywall all ready to go! It is finally to the stage we can paint and carpet. It has taken a while to get here. I think we kind of got tired out for a while.

Nope, not mud for my face, for my tile.

Everything had to be taped off as it has lots of details in that part of the tile.

Sean balancing on the tub edge. It is hard on his feet. What a great guy to always help.

We have no idea how to hard can it be right? Well, it is really messy, I can tell you that much and not as easy as I thought. We are half way through right now. I will let you know how it went. Sean did the high stuff and I took care of the lower tiles.

Doors! Yup, I already said we have doors but now here is the proof! Aren't they bootyful!

Our walk in closet doors. It took quite a while for them to install and more money than we thought but they did an amazing job!

Sean replaced all the mismatched lights for beautiful pot lights.

Our new ceiling fan to replace the old yucky one!

Our cabinet doors are finally on as well. We are still having problems with some of the warranty work, but I hope it will be fixed soon. There has been quite a few quality problems but they are going to fix them. It has been a bit frustrating waiting. The guy that installed them really took some short cuts as well. I left a list of things to fix and he only did half and rushed back to Lethbridge before I could check on them. Grrrrr....

Here is the carpet. It is just lying there right now. They were really late getting here today. Then when they unloaded everything they realized they didn't have enough carpet or lino pieces to do the work! So they did as much as they could and are coming back tomorrow to finish it all up. We were supposed to move in our stuff tonight so that we could return the sea-can that everything is stored in but we are going to be delayed a couple of days. We had some people come to help move and we had to turn them away. I felt so bad. They are so nice to have come.

I was hoping and praying it would all come so that my house could start becoming a home as I put up my pictures and knick-nacks and Christmas tree...etc. It is hard not to be bummed out when you have nothing in your house to make it your own.

The dark spots are just my shadow. I am getting excited to get it all done and sit on my big red couch watching my big TV!


Randa said...

wow girlie! it looks so fabulous! It seems so strange that Vance has been so many times and I haven't even been once. I haven't been going to the hat much due to him going every day. Hoping to go on wednesday - maybe we will call if we have time!

kimara said...

yes do! Come for a visit!

Jocelyn said...

It looks great! Hopefully all will work out tomorrow!

rosecoloredglasses said...

simply amazing kimara...who knew five months of hard to the grind work would bring such lovely results...your home is the insurance people are gunna be shocked:) luv ya....cant wait to see you this weekend:)

Kathy T. said...

It looks amazing! I want to come see it too! I'm sure you'll have it all decorated-up in no time!!!

Almost done! Whoohoo!

Krymsen said...

wanna come do my house?! Everything is looking amazing!

Kristen said...

I think that it looks fantastic! I really like the doors! You sure know how to make something beautiful.

Anonymous said...

wow very nice! I picked the same doors for my house, love em!
thanks for another great blogluv tammi p.