Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Frosty Morning

I had to do two post today to break my record of 10 posts for the month. To some of you that isn't much but for me am excited. I am going to try and reach 50 posts for the year! I am getting closer.

My two favorite things, our barn and the carriage. I can't wait to get lots of family pictures this summer in both.

We went out this morning to take some beautiful shots of the snow.

True love

Everywhere we go, our animals follow. They just love spending time with us. London has taught Brigham to sit on her and cuddle. If he keeps getting bigger, London will get squished. He loves playing in the snow.

The snow really shows how much wild life we have in our yard. It is exciting to see all the bunny and deer tracks. They really love our bushes.

Beautiful frost covered trees

Don't be fooled by his darling face! He is a rotten boy. He is constantly biting the cats, not a nibble either. You hear us yelling at him all day from inside to let go of the kitty. He thinks they are his live chew toy that squeeks. I don't think he means it. I don't know if it is something about his breed, but he bites everything right behind the head. Unfortunately, even Blossom. Once she has been out awhile he settles down but when we put her out to go to the bathroom we have to supervise so he doesn't hurt her. He is so big and clumsy. Look at his face and you can't stay mad for long!

I love my tractor. This is just for decoration. In the spring, I want it surrounded with red poppies. Won't that be beautiful with some flowers on the seat as well.

London was home from school today as she doesn't feel well, but she wanted to come for a little picture walk for me. Notice the hat. I finally figured out an awesome pattern and I have been making them like crazy. The flower and the band are interchangable.

The rest of the family. They are such good animals. Our cat is a hussy and pregnant again. Her others aren't even grown yet. I guess we have to get her fixed. As soon as we do she will die. It seems to be a law around here. Anyone want kitties in two months or so?

Hoar frost is amazing! When I was a kid I thought it was a bad word...whore frost. hee hee

It is so nice to see how much Brigham loves London. He knows that is his mommy and he loves her so much. He was so excited that we came out to play with him.

Blossom tried to join in the fun, but it was way too deep for her. When I looked back, there she was, stuck holding her paws up, letting me know she is way too cold. Poor girl! I need to knit her some little booties.

Trying for some amazing shots. I fell short. I need to take a photography class to learn how to get those amazing shots

Shadows and more tracks

This is right out of our deck door from our bedroom. The trees are just full of frost dripping down. So beautiful.

More puppy love and nibbles


Randa said...

I totally love the hoar frost! Its one of my favorite things in the winter. On my way home I made my kids get out so I could take some pictures of it as well. London is so cute and I love that she has a puppy to love!

Kathy T. said...

I'm still laughing about your cat being a hussy. We had a lot of hussy-cats growing up and it's true what they say about getting them fixed - then they kick the bucket. Another one to blame on Murphy.

I love London's hat and I think along with Blossom's new booties you should make her a matching hat - it would be so cute!

Great photos!

boysmum2 said...

They are awesome photos, don't think you need to waste money on a class, some of them could be postcard material.
With it being so hot here it is odd to look at you guys in the depths of snow, sometimes I forget that they is life outside of this hot country!
Oh, also glad you are feeling so smart, feeling that way myself too!

Jocelyn said...

Kimara, I LOVE how white and gorgeous it is outside! The hoar frost looks so beautiful around your property. It was SO thick! Thank-you so much for sharing.

Stacey said...

I love the tractor. I love the barn. I love the old wagon. You know, it seems like you guys had such a massive task in renovating but in other things, like your picture props in the yard, you hit the jack pot!

Eva Aurora said...

Great photos! So beautiful. London and her dog are darling. And so is the hat! Are you sharing the pattern?