Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Toys....Christmas came early

Meet Floozy. She is the newest girl in our toy factory. Sean named her Floozy.....because...can you figure it out? Anyway, Sean started a while ago looking for some Honda Odysseys. They are hard to find. He had one as a teenager and loved how fun it was. I rode one once with his crazy sister when I was single (before Sean) and was amazed at Kate and how crazy she was in it. After I got home from my ride on it, I felt something and looked in my bra and found a squished grasshopper (as Sean would insert here...."but what a way to go!")

Sean found her on Kijiji and e-mailed me the details. It looked so fun and I had a moment of weakness and said let's go get it today and poof we did. London was gone for the weekend so we tormented her relentlessly about the new toy...she was convinced that it was a puppy! We have had a ton of fun on her already.

OK, I have to insert a story here for posterity's sake......I change my mind quickly. One minute I feel "heck let's just spend money, that's what it's for". The next I feel the need to go on a tight budget and spend nothing. Let's flash back a few years to when Sean wanted a quad. I only had my work quad at the time and he really wanted a racer quad. The problem is they are tons of money. One day when we were hanging around I said let's go and look for a quad for you. Oh, the look of love he gave me. I will never forget. Off we raced to the quad store where he found the girl of his dreams....Gertie. Well, it was a weak moment and I said go ahead and buy her. Tears, I kid you not, tears pooled in his eyes as he dealt on his quad. It was near closing time and they were having some issues with the paper work, so they said why don't you come back in the morning and we will have it ready then. The look of panic was comical. He was insistent that he had to have it today....Why? He could tell I was already stressing out on how much money it was and was about to change my mind. He knows me so well. Well, he has his quad and a bunch of new toys to match. He just lies in wait, buttering me up, hoping and praying for a weak day.

How can you resist that cute face? Well, we now hove 2 more Odysseys to match. He found these in Drumheller. They were smaller but still lots of power. He found these because I mentioned that we should get two more so we can all ride one. So the search was on. I told him sure, but we don't have time to get them so if the guys will deliver them, go ahead and buy them. Hee hee, I thought I got him with that one. Who would drive the purchase over?.....Apparently the guy from Drumheller. So we got 2 more that work and 1 more that could be fixed to work. So yes, I am sucker of the year.
We have had so much fun with them. We can't wait to share them with everyone. Sean's family all came and we played around forever and the Mossey's came for a ride. The kids loved it and so did Amy and Tyler. Tyler is a crazy man on them....just like Sean.
Sean rolled it on the first day we got them just showing them off to me. I feel they are way safer as you are belted in so good and they have roll bars. Vance and Trevor came when they heard we were getting them and had a ride on them too. I can't wait until next spring & summer. It will be tons of fun!

Maddy getting her first ride! She loves to drive the quad when I am on it with her.

Jarom sockless.....a true racer in the making!

Charlie getting into the action

Such a little cutie

Teesha drove like a pro and even knows how to drive a standard now!

Comparing notes

Jack loves the little quad because he can drive it all by himself.

Come for a ride everyone!


Kristen said...

Looks like fun! Kaye would be in heaven. I, like you, have moments of weakness. Don't happens to the best of us. At least now you have them and he can have fun with them. You are such a nice wife!

Randa said...

Oh yes the moments of weakness. You don't even want to know what Vance is getting for Christmas - I promise never to let him bring it to your house!

Kathy T. said...

I love your story.

I have to say, your Honda Odyssey looks way funner than my Honda Odyssey Van... Neither Russ nor I have had that expression on our faces as we drive our van. Pity.

rosecoloredglasses said...

how fun!!!!i didnt know you got two truly are a sucker and might i say so lucky to have such a great adventurous are truly living my dream:( sure wish i could someday be there along side you living the dream.....however thankful for what we have and very proud of what you all have accomplished!!!luv you guys so much!!xo

The Cryer Family said...

They look so much fun!!!! Yes - I have weak moments too!

Anonymous said...

I to had a odyssey as a kid and loved it!, im sooo jealous!!!
tammi p