Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Lone Wolf finds a new home

As many of you know, my dad is going to come and live on our farm with us. We are so excited. I know that it will be really nice for our family to have him close. I just hope he doesn't feel too isolated. It is a hard thing to move, especially as you get older. I hope that he will love it here being more in nature and being closer to our family.

They began work on his place this weekend. The ground is all prepared for his new house to go in. These are the pictures of his gravel pad where his super fancy mobile home is going to go! We are now fighting the weather but we will get the septic tank, power and cistern in soon. I hope it warms up a bit and makes it easier. The day his house tentatively will be finished is December 2. So you know how that goes. I hope it is on schedule though.

The pictures are kind of dark as it was in the evening the first day he came for a bit. Our neighbour owns a back hoe so he is doing the work for us.

Gravel being dumped.

This is Dad's new toy that Sean got to try out in our first snow fall. The snow storm really made some deep drifts and our truck barely made it out so for sure our car wouldn't have. Sean and Dad went to buy this on Remembrance day. It is a beauty. Dad loves to quad with us and this baby will go anywhere we go in more comfort and style! It has a bonus feature of a little dump truck in the back and a blade which Sean made good use of. I never have seen him so excited to move snow! It is called the "Wolf"!

It's here waiting for you Dad... can't wait until you come!


Steph said...

So exciting Kimara!!

Kathy T. said...

Crazy time to be building. I hope everything goes well!

I have to say I'm very jealous of the Wolf - I want one - today - for my driveway...

Jocelyn said...

How nice to have your dad live closer to you. I love having family close by. What a blessing for London to get to know your Dad and Sean's parents so well. I never really knew mine.

And the toy looks like a lot of fun!