Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Anyone that has been to our farm knows we have no shortage of firewood. There were a lot of trees dead that were still standing (...lots 40-60ish) and they were really tall and we knew it was going to be difficult to cut them down. Sean got a new chainsaw for the task but was not finding time to do it. It was really worrying me as the man who owned the property before us had a tree fall into the house and do a lot of damage, so every time the wind blew I was worried.

Well, our prayers were answered. Grandpa Jack knew a guy who was a logger from Newfoundland and he was out of work. So he brought him up to see the job. I thought we would never be able to afford him as we heard it was over a $1000 per tree to take down and cut up. He said that he would take them all down for $600.00! Up all for $600. So we jumped on that. It only took him 3 days and probably 9 hours in total so that was pretty good tax free money.

We started in the back where my dad is going to be living. We felt that was really important. This is the after picture. It was so exciting to be having such a nice fall that we could get this work done. I loved hearing the sawing and the big crash. He just left them where they fell so it is a big mess now but at least they are down. We will have to haul them away and saw them all up this spring (and for the rest of our lives)!!!

While he was working my power went out. I went to look if he took out the power pole but it just touched the lines. Not a good way to introduce yourselves to the neighbours. We were without power for about 4 hours. (us and our whole road). When the power guy came out, he noticed that one more tree had to come down and it was a big one right in line to hit the power pole. So he came and put spikes on his boots and climbed up to attach a rope.

He used his truck to direct the way the tree fell.

Free help. You have to love that!

Can you spot him climbing the tree?

More trees before he cut them down.
This is the same shot as above so you can see some of the dead trees. I will take some in the spring so you can really know what it looks like! I have to say that this shot makes me want spring. It hasn't been that long since summer and already I have forgotten how green everything can be!

Timber! This is the tree that came down and with help missed the wire! He is all done now. Unfortunately for us (but good for him) he has work so he wasn't able to cut up any of the trees. We had a few cut up by one of his friends but he wasn't that great and he also got a job so I guess it is up to us after all. He used Sean's brand new chain saw and it did great until the last day when a tree fell back and crushed the chain saw. The guy was just sick about it and offered to replace it but it would have been almost as much as he made. So we replaced it and he finished the job. It was worth what it cost to replace it and pay him. He was a really kind man.
We still have quite a few trees left and we plan to plant a bunch in the spring. We were really blessed to get this job done! Heavenly Father is so good to us.


Kathy T. said...

Hey there Bloggin' maniac!!! I love that you're blogging so much - makes my day!

Those are a lot of trees!!! I know where we'll be coming if we need firewood.

All good things said...

Too bad that my brother lives so far away, I am sure he would have helped you with that job.

On another tangent, I am always amazed at the state of trees in southern Alberta. They don't grow straight and strong. Instead they grow slanted and twisted. The force of the wind in incredible. Yet, they continue to grow and add beauty and shelter to our lives. Isn't that the way life is? We ourselves are shaped by forces outside of our control, and yet we continue to grow and hopefully add beauty and shelter to those around us.

I am happy that you are salvaging what trees you can. I miss them in my neck of the woods, and having been surrounded by them growing up, it is one of those things that I will never quite get over-

Happy American Thanksgiving. I think this year I will be thankful for trees! Have a great day!

Stephanie said...

woot woot on the super great deal!
jealous that you have firewood for LIFE.. I love seeing all the progress at your place!

Randa said...

yay for lovely people and awesome deals!! I feel like trees are always a love/hate relationship. You love them for their shelter and beauty but man alive there can be some serious maintainence!

Joanne said...

you guys really do get the greatest deals- on help, on merchandise. it's awesome and I can't wait for spring too because then we are coming out to play!!!

Kristen said...

It's amazing how much work you guys have put into that place. I'm sure that it is amazing. Also, kudos to you and your blogging abilities! It's so great to hear from people who you don't see everyday. Note to self...hurry up and start blogging again!! Love reading about all your goings on.

rosecoloredglasses said...

once again guys never cease to amze me in the work you continue to put into your already crazy busy lives....luv to hear about it....xo and also look forward to some of that firewood on our visits :)